Headers for my blog done by the amazing Stacy A.:







Stacy has worked in Graphic Design since 1987 when she started at Lake Superior Magazine.  She also makes her own soap, ‘Next to Godliness’ Soap and sells it through the interweb.  And let me just tell you, her soap, OH MY GOD, I cannot describe the scent heaven I am in whenever I shower.  It’s like that header of bacon that looks so real and tantalizing, that’s her soap.

Stacy has been kind enough to agree to do some graphic design for me and the best part is she lets me pay her in beer!  (Note, if you want to hire Stacy for graphic design work beer is not the usually accepted form of payment, though it is a nice gesture.)

You can find her amazing soaps on Artfire.com:


or ‘like’ her on facebook:


Also Stacy is taking Graphic Design clients and you can contact her at:




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