11 months – snuggle monster


Ok you are already 11.5 months. This past month has just been a whirlwind of activity! We went on vacation, and then took two more road trips after that. You’ve also just been a busy baby and keeping up with you is quite the challenge.

You now crawl, and crawl fast. You pulled up one day and the very next day your were pulling up and cruising! You discovered the stairs and you love to climb up them, so much so that all I have to do is ask you “do you want to go upstairs?” And wherever you are you drop what you are doing and race over to the stairs.

We installed baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, but you outsmarted us. The gate at the bottom, we couldn’t fasten to anything due to the banister shape. So we figured, with you being little still, that we would place the gate on the bottom stair, and lean it so it was resting on the stair above it. So one day you were crawling around and you crawled out of my sight so I went looking for you and found you on the second stair  with the gate pushed away. I immediately blamed Daddy for forgetting to block off the stairs with the gate.

The next day, I found you, again, the exact same way. More blame on Daddy. Later that day I followed you when you went crawling toward the stairs and watched as you reached up and slid the gate aside. You were all proud to finally show me your awesome new trick. The gate is more securely fastened now.

With all your new mobility you’ve become a bit of a ‘monster’ getting into everything, opening drawers, pulling things off shelves, and trying to eat every bit of grass and dirt you can find. We’ve started saying and signing “no” and saying things like “that’s not for Stella.”

We have a nightlight on the upstairs landing and you started pulling it out of its socket every chance you got. So I started telling you very firmly “no” and moving you away every time you went for it. One day I was putting laundry away in your room and you crawled out onto the landing. I heard you saying “no…no…no” and peaked out to see what you were doing. Oh my gosh kid, you were reaching for the nightlight with one hand, while the other hand was signing “no” and you were saying “no.” And you kept looking at the hand doing the signing like “why are you ruining my fun?”

Another fun trait is that you are definitely a snuggle bug. Several times a day you will crawl up to us to be picked up and snuggled. You pop your thumb in your mouth and twirl your hair, or our hair. Sometimes you only need a quick minute of snuggle before you’re ready to race off again, and sometimes we snuggle for several minutes.

Your sign language continues to amaze us, as well as you verbal language. Your new signs this month are “dog, please, shoes, horse, pig, and cow.” You also say “doggie,” in addition to your other words.

In a few short weeks you will be one year old, and I am still amazed every day to have you in my life. Here are some pictures from your eleventh month of life:

vacation, pretty dress, palm tree back drop = photo op

vacation, pretty dress, palm tree back drop = photo-op

stella laundry

helping with the laundry

This girl loves the water

This girl loves the water

about to attempt eating sand

about to attempt eating sand



Are you smarter than your 11 month old? We are not.

Are you smarter than your 11 month old? We are not.


that face!

that face!

Daddy completed his final ordination process, here we are after the ceremony

Daddy completed his final ordination process, here we are after the ceremony

11 months, eating ALL the things

11 months, eating ALL the things


6 responses to “11 months – snuggle monster

  1. Dad and Grandpa

    Outstanding, way too go Stella

  2. Good Lord, she is getting so big so quickly!! Super fun pics, and such a smart girl. 🙂

  3. She’s so cute! Can’t believe she’s 11 months already! She’s getting so big!

  4. Go Stella and you – you look sensational!

  5. I LOVE that you are signing with her (and the “no!” story was just too precious). Our foster baby was signing around this same age, and it is said that memory starts when a kid can talk. Well, we still see her quite often and her memories of her time with us are still so clear even though she was 2.5 when she left and that was nine months ago. But she had been “talking” for over a year, so I guess that explains it. Good stuff!

  6. Oh my goodness, almost a year old!!! And getting so big and grown up looking! I love all of these photos. She looks so happy 🙂 And so beautiful! I am so impressed by all of her signs!!

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