In search of peace…

An Op-Ed piece I wrote for PAIL Bloggers.

PAIL Bloggers

Mothering (, a website whose purpose is to be “the home for natural family living” recently posted an article on finding peace, on being able to feel satisfied with where you are in your journey as a woman, and what happens when one of your goals, having children, doesn’t happen like you want it to. When infertility strikes,

And then when the babies just wouldn’t come no matter how much we desperately wanted them, I believed that this goal, the achievement of motherhood, would finally bring me that elusive moment of peace.

The post goes on to talk about living in the moment, accepting that “perfect” will never come, there will always be chores, laundry, money issues, marriage issues, and sticky fingers leaving messes everywhere.  And this is where I, and maybe you too, are like ‘great another article dumping mommy-guilt.‘ Another article saying in essence, ‘don’t…

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