10 months – on fire!

Dear Stella,

You are on fire girl. Your new skills are taking off, you are learning more each day, so much so that I’ve started to keep a running tally so I don’t forget any of it. Your language skills are blowing us away. You mimic words all the time, and you use your words and signs with startling proficiency. What is really funny is your ‘gibberish’ talk. You babble so fast some times that you sound like one of the minions from the movie Despicable Me.

Your favorite sign/thing right now is “chicken.” You absolutely love our three chickens and you ask to see them everyday. You sign “chicken” then look up at us and say “bok bok bok.” After almost every nap that is the first thing you ask for, to see your chickens.

You started signing “Dada” this month, though your version of the sign looks like you are smacking your forehead as you say “Dada.” Very funny. You clap you hands when we ask you to and whenever we say “good job” or “yay” you clap your hands. When we hand you your brush and ask you to brush your hair you brush it and then clap your hands to congratulate yourself.

I think one of my favorite things is you have started to play ‘dress-up.’ You love for me to put a hat on you and then you pull it off and try to put it back on saying “hat” each time. Also everything is a hat, your books, your toys, my socks, shoes, etc. You do the same with your shoes, as soon as I put them on you, you pull them off, and then attempt to put them back on yourself.

Mobility wise you army crawl everywhere and are quite fast. I would say Easter Sunday you went from sort of crawling to a full army crawl with speed. You also pulled up for the first time on Easter Sunday and now nothing is safe from your grasp.

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather with you and all the new things we will get to explore outside. I’m also dreading trying to keep you from eating grass, dirt, bugs, and anything else you find outside. I can’t wait to see what the next two months bring. Here you are, 10 months old, on fire.



Group shot eating out. Need to get more pics of the 3 of us together!

Group shot eating out. Need to get more pics of the 3 of us together!

Opening day for the Sox!

Opening day for the Sox!

After seeing this picture I now want 18 more babies

After seeing this picture I now want 18 more babies

10 months


6 responses to “10 months – on fire!

  1. Of COURSE your child loves chickens above all else. It’s only fitting. 🙂

  2. Please, babies one or two or three at a time. I can’t move to IN permanetly.

  3. Her unicorn shoes just kill me. Dead of the cuteness. Oh and Stella, my girls say EAT ALL THE BUGS! EAT ALL THE DIRT! EAT ALL THE GRASS. Hope you all get to enjoy that warm weather soon. 😉

  4. Stella really doing great, wish we lived closer. Great pics keep them coming’

  5. Stella and Lids seriously need to hang out and watch chickens all day long because chickens are Lids’ absolute favourite thing right now!!!! We don’t have our ‘own’ but they live all around our house and all over town actually. We were at two different restaurants with chickens this week and Lids was ‘buck buck bucking’ and flapping her wings like crazy the whole time. So neat to hear of another chicken lover!!! 🙂

    These photos are all so beautiful. Oh my goodness, that last one?! I just want to squeeze her!!! 🙂 She is adorable!!

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