9 months – Mama

(This update is way late because my suddenly mobile child figured out how to get to my camera cord on the coffee table, so I hid it from her. And then couldn’t remember where I put it. Sigh.)

Dear Stella,

You said “Mama” this month. Wow, melt my heart little girl. And not just random babbling, you sign it as well as say it and call for me when you need something. You’re language in general has taken off this month. You continue saying “Dada” and you also have started to say “more” (which you say “Moh”) and “all done.” These are all signs we have been teaching you and it is great to see you connect them with the words and use them properly (most of the time).

You are now “all done” with EVERYTHING. Anytime you are bored, or fussy, or  simply not into whatever activity you are doing, you tell us “all done.” When you wake from your nap I look at your video monitor and see you signing and saying “all done.”

Physically you are have just started crawling. You started to army crawl a bit and you still just roll everywhere. Your height is 29.25 inches and you weigh 17 pounds. Your height has finally slowed just a bit, you only gained half an inch in the past three months. This moves you from the 99th% of height to the 90th%. Your weight is holding steady in about the 30th% percentile.

Separation anxiety and “stranger danger” developed halfway through this month, right on time developmentally. Just when Mama and Dada were thinking of leaving you with a sitter for the first time when you wouldn’t be asleep, and now those plans are on hold. It’s a natural part of your development and it’s not worth it to us to put you through that emotional stress when we know this phase is natural and short-lived. Mama knew for sure we had entered this phase when I walked away to get my water glass in the kitchen and you acted like I had abandoned you in the wild.

The biggest change I see is that I can now see “you” as a little girl. The baby is starting to fade and I can picture how you will look as a one-year-old, as a toddler. Your gestures are becoming more about who you are and less random baby movements and sounds. When playing with a toy you work to turn it to get it at precisely the right angle you want it at, to then chew on. You are so focused and determined, and when you get it just right you give yourself this little smile of accomplishment. Your favorite song right now is “Itsy bitsy spider” and you love when I do the hand motions of the ‘rain falling down’ and use my fingertips to sprinkle ‘rain’ on your face.

When we go to snuggle before naps and bedtime you now turn yourself in our arms. So that instead of being chest to chest you work your way around so we are cradling you in your arms. This allows you to suck your thumb and grab onto one of your feet, something you have done since you were an infant when in the crib.

Time seems to be flying now, I’m excited that you are getting older, but I still love those moments in the day when you army crawl to my lap for a (brief) snuggle and back rub, only to lunge yourself out of my arms to return to your toys.

Stella Joan, 9 months:

stella blue eyes

I just gasped when I saw this picture. Absolutely no edits other than cropping. Those EYES.

Mobility= lunging up to swipe the mail while also knocking over our play kitchen on top of us.

Mobility= lunging up to swipe the mail while also knocking over our play kitchen on top of us.

stella snowman

Questions: Why am I a pink fuzzy bear? Why is my butt cold? Who is this strange giant you’ve set me down with? How long do you think I will tolerate this before I have a total melt down? (The answer to the last one is, about 2 minutes.)

stella st patricks day

Irish baby!

9 months

9 months!


9 responses to “9 months – Mama

  1. She is such a doll! Happy (slightly belated) 9 months Stella!! 😉

  2. I absolutely love that our girls have matching names. I’ll never forget that email you send me saying “please don’t think I’m some stalker weirdo…” 🙂

    Her eyes are TO DIE FOR. Seriously. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen eyes so blue!!

    Mobility -it changes everything. 🙂 FuN!!

  3. Wow! She’s really starting to change so quickly! Prepare to hide all the things. 🙂

  4. Very nice seeing the pics. No covers on those outlets?

  5. Wow, those eyes is right!!! What a beauty!! 🙂 Can’t believe she is saying so much already. What a clever girl!! And I remember that feeling that you described of ‘seeing her as the little girl she’ll be’. Sometimes I look at Lids now and I can picture her throughout life. She isn’t just a baby anymore (not that she ever really was but you know what I mean).. she is her, with that unique look that will always be hers. So neat to watch it all unfold. Happy 9 months!! Such a fun month, I remember!

  6. How freaking clever is she!!!

  7. she is so beautiful and tall 🙂 The changes from baby to toddler are in full force, fun times ahead for you and her!

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