8 months

Dear Stella,

My gosh kid, you turned it on this month. The personality, the charm, the new skills. Mama literally tries to smother you in kisses each day you are so precocious and amazing. You are more aware of everything, you play games with us now. You started to pull your socks off each day and when I catch you starting to do it I say “What are you doing with your socks?” And you flash me a grin and giggle. Then you pull your sock all the way off, and I say “Where’s your sock, did you get your sock off?” And you squeal in delight and wave your sock at me as if to say ‘look what I did Mama!

Last month you loved when we would hold a blanket up to cover your face and play peek-a-boo. This month you have figured out how to do it yourself. You’ll grab any blanket you can find and pull it up to cover your face and we’ll say “Where’s Stella baby?” And you give this little giggle like ‘heheee, they can’t see me!‘ and then you yank the blanket down and shriek and laugh.

You can now sit up by yourself without support. You still roll to get everywhere. Your favorite activity is to sit at your little toy box and root through it and pull out toys one by one. I switch out the toys so you have fun discovering which toys are in there each day.

You absolutely love being put on Daddy’s shoulders. I’ll pretend I can’t see you and ask “Where’d Stella go? Where is she?” And then I’ll look up at you on Daddy’s shoulders and exclaim “There you are! How did Stella get up there?” And you SHA-REIK in sheer excitement.

We think you have started ‘dancing’ as well. When you are really happy, like when you get a mouthful of your favorite food, or when we sing songs together, you wiggle your body back-and-forth and side to side. Like you are so happy at that moment it is welling up in your body and you have to physically express it. These moments of joy are so great to watch, to see you as such a happy little baby, with joy so great you have to physically let it out. And hopefully you’ll be a better dancer than Mama.

When you are tired or cranky you have taken to popping your thumb in your mouth twirling your hair. A-DORABLE. And you have been cranky a little more lately, we think some teeth might be making their way down, but so far no teeth yet.

On your baby scale you were 16lbs 6oz, so still gaining and growing. You now fit in 6-9 month or 6-12 month onesies for your weight but in length you are 12-18 months. So we got some great onesie extenders from a friend and they have been such a help.

Here are some pictures from your past month:

Did you see what I just did there, I got my sock. Like a BOSS.

Did you see what I just did there, I got my sock. Like a BOSS.

Did you want this Mama, here it is...

Did you want this Mama, here it is…



Digging in my toy box

Digging in my toy box


And here is my attempt to get your photo with your 8 month sticker. This happened in about a minute and thirty seconds:

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6 responses to “8 months

  1. Gosh she has some gorgeous eyes! Love a dancing baby! 🙂

  2. Real nice pictures, glad to hear she is doing good. Watching her grow wilth the pictures is just wonderful, since we live so far away. Keep up the great job of raising her. She is absolutly wonderful

  3. Isn’t 8 months so much fun?! It sure looks like it is in your house! 🙂 Her personality sounds like it is pouring out of her. I remember Alidia was so happy and smily at that age and just charming the pants off the word. Fun fun fun!! Wow, she is so tall. I love the photos of her getting her sock of. Clever girl. What a gorgeous smile! 🙂

  4. She ‘s absolutely adorable!

  5. Gosh, I cannot take my eyes off of those gorgeous eyes of hers!! Stunning.
    Every month just gets more and more fun, believe me. The interaction is pretty amazing! 🙂

  6. She is such a pretty baby!

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