Excellence in Parenting

So I mentioned before that Stella has had some weight gaining issues. She is not under-weight, she has just gone from the 75th% percentile for weight to the 30th%. Her doctor is not at all concerned. She is a very tall baby and gained a lot of weight early on and he says now she is just slowing down. He does have us keeping an eye on her weight just as a precaution. We already have a very nice baby scale we bought when she was readmitted to the hospital for jaundice-caused poor weight gain right after she was born. So I’ve been weighing her every few days because I keep flashing back to that time right after she was born and we were readmitted and she was so tiny and I was FREAKING out with worry and postpartum hormones. That fear still haunts me even though I know her weight is fine, I know she is ok, but still I worry.

So the other day I am talking to my friend Linds and getting Stella ready to put on her baby scale. Her scale is on our kitchen counter next to our canisters of flour, sugar, etc. I put the phone on ‘speaker’ and set it on the counter. I lay Stella on the scale and as I do this Stella realizes ‘this is my moment.’  Normally I don’t talk on the phone while doing this stuff, but I was trying to catch up with Linds and I DID put the phone down on the counter, so I had Stella with both hands. Well Stella it seems realized this was not the norm and now was the perfect chance to create mayhem.

Just as I lay her on the scale she flings both arms out. With one hand she grabs a chunk of my hair and literally yanks my head down next to her face. With her other hand she grabs the lid of the ceramic canister lid, a very heavy item I didn’t think she could even pick up on her own. And she SQUEEEEELS with delight. I yell to the phone “Lindsay, DON’T hang up!” Not because I am so stupid as to try and continue our phone chat, but because Stella is now swinging the canister lid around and I am afraid she might whack me or herself and I’ll need Linds to know if she needs to call for help. Both my hands are on Stella holding her onto the scale as my main fear is she is going to fling herself off the scale. I manage to hold her down with one hand, grab the canister lid from her and finally get her other fist to release my hair. Total Mom fail.

But then I glance down at the scale, Stella has finally gained weight, and she has gained almost a pound in 2.5 weeks!

And that my friends, is excellence in parenting.


7 responses to “Excellence in Parenting

  1. Not a mom fail…you both came away unharmed and Stella gained weight….Sounds like a success to me.

  2. Woo hoo! As a major weight under achiever here I know how stressful it is!! However – good strength Stella

  3. Bahaha! WINNING. One of my girls got a hold of a mortar and pestle set I had on a too-low kitchen shelf recently, started swinging that heavy thing around, I thought for sure she’d knock someone out. 😉 Hey, excellent news on the weight gain though!

  4. Way to go Stella

  5. haha too funny…. but so wonderful to hear about the weight gain!! 🙂 From the mama of a tiny one too, I know it is tough and how good it feels to see a higher number on the scale.

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