6 months

Dear Stella,

Six Months kid. SIX. MONTHS. Half a year. My mind just can’t wrap around that. Because then I think, in another six months, I’m going to have a one-year-old. What? Yeah, whoa.

This past month you have done quite a bit. You learned to roll from back to tummy. Then, realizing that rolling onto your tummy resulted in tummy-time, which you hate, you promptly stopped rolling. You would only roll if you really wanted a toy out of your reach. Now you roll more, especially in your crib, which you get really excited about until you realize you can’t get back over. Then it’s allΒ omg-i’m-dying-come-rescue-me!

And speaking of sleeping, you do, what I believe, is possibly the oddest thing ever. You sleep with your feet in the air. You throw both your legs up and sleep with either your feet by your face or with your feet straight up in the air. And not for a few minutes and then they fall back down, but for hours.

This month we started food and chose to try something called “Baby Led Weaning.” Which is giving your whole soft cooked foods instead of purees. You LOVE it. We gave you your first food, a piece of sweet potato, and you were the happiest baby EVER. You love eating and are so proud that you can do it ‘all by yourself.’ The look on your face when you pick up a piece of food and get it to your mouth is priceless.

We are still teaching your sign language and you sign “milk” and “light off.” You also respond to the sign for “all done” and “eat.”

You freaked Mama out this past month because you didn’t gain any weight from months 4 to 6 months. I may have panicked and called the doctor when I weighed you at home and saw that you hadn’t gained any weight. The doctor had us bring you in for a height and weight check. You had grown 1.5 inches but your weight was in fact the same, 14-lbs even. They said not to worry though because you were still growing in height and that you were so tall to begin with that sometimes this happens. And then over the next two weeks you gained a pound. Holy moly! So now you are the height of a 1-year-old and the weight of a 4-6 month old.

I’d say the best thing you started doing this month is snuggling. Every time we put you down for a nap we read a book, turn off your light, and then I ask you if you want to “snuggle with Mama” and we sit and rock and I sing you a song. You now recognize that phrase and pop your thumb in your mouth and rest your head on my shoulder as soon as I ask you if you want to snuggle. And during the day you are starting to have “snuggle sessions” with both Mama and Daddy. Best. Thing. Ever. Melts our hearts every time.

Here’s some pictures from your past month:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



Getting our Christmas tree

Getting our Christmas tree

Half a year!

Half a year!


12 responses to “6 months

  1. Wow, what a great quilt!!
    That is too funny that she sleeps with her feet in the air. Silly kid. πŸ™‚
    Glad to hear she’s loving BLW – my Stella did as well, and we’ve never looked back! 6 months already..wow.

  2. Cole is tipping the scales at 16 lbs at 3.5 months. Although our weight seems to be what is keeping up from completing the back to front roll over.

  3. You’ve gotta get a picture of her sleeping like that! What a funny girl. Chloe was not a fan of tummy time either or rolling over. Glad BLW is going well and yay for snuggle time! That is the best.

  4. All I can say is Awesome

  5. haha the sleeping with her feet up thing is hilarious and surely one of the cutest things ever!! You need to post a photo!!! πŸ™‚ How lucky you are that she enjoys snuggling with you. That sounds so nice. Alidia does when nursing but otherwise, she is just go go go… go go… go!!! And wow, she knows so many signs already. How neat! Sounds like she is doing well. Happy HALF A YEAR!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby. Isn’t it hard imagine your daily life without her?

  7. Haha, babies sleep in the weirdest positions. πŸ˜‰ cutie pie, happy 6 months Stella!

  8. SIX MONTHS? I mean, the math makes sense but WHAT.

    I desperately need a photo of her sleeping with her feet in the air. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR ME!

    I love her. Her eyes are so alert and sparkly!

  9. I love that last pic on the quilt!!! Every time I see babies with hair I get giddy!!! I can’t wait to see what Ky is eventually going to look like. Stella looks like such a little person!

    *hmmm think there are enough exclamation points in that?

  10. OMG today I walked in on Molly and she was asleep holding her foot!

    I’m sensing future basket baller, model, incredibly tall scientist (I don’t want to put labels on the bubba!!)

    Happy six months!

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