Month 5

Dear Stella,

Another month! This  month’s highlight was that you and Mama took our first plane trip together without Daddy. That was interesting. Actually, you did really well. I was a mess worrying if things would go wrong, or if you would cry on the plane, or wouldn’t sleep in a strange place. But nope, you were a rock star. Mama learned that she is not opposed to letting strangers hold you. Especially when I was wrestling an overstuffed diaper bag, a stroller that didn’t want to fold up, and you, on the jetbridge of the airplane. Some nice lady, lets call her Betty because I forgot her name, was like, “Do you need some help?” And I was all “Yup, here ya go, hold my kid for a minute.” I do remember that Betty said she was a grandma before I handed you over to her, so I feel that was good enough credentials for me.

This month your discovered you feet. You had been trying for some time to get at them, and you finally managed it. Happiest. Day. Of. Your. Life. All you want to do now is get your feet in your mouth. Diaper changes are fun when you won’t let go of your feet and I have to pry them out of your hands and then you shriek at me. And at night, in your crib, you scrunch yourself up so that you grab the bottom of your sleep sack and try to get your feet too. I have no idea how you sleep like that, but you do.

Speaking of shrieking. Yeah. So you’ve reached the stage of figuring out you can make noises, and that you can make them LOUDLY. You do this thing that sounds like a cross between a shriek and a growl. If you ever watch the movie “Dumb and Dumber” the scene about the most annoying sound in the world, yeah, that’s what you sound like.

But speaking of sleeping, since we got back from our trip to NY, you have slept through the night, 12 hours, uninterrupted, for almost a month now! Which is great because your naps regressed again. You nap, just nowhere near as long as you need to. But we’re sticking with a routine with you and making sure we get you into your crib before your overtired and you’ll get there.

You had a great first thanksgiving, you were happy and loved having your Aunt Rae come up to spend your first thanksgiving with you. Well, you loved it eventually. Upon first seeing Aunt Rae again you had your “stranger-danger” reaction and cried. A lot. But then you got over it and you were a giggly ball of charm and drool for her.

We’ve also introduced you to a cup to learn to drink water from it. You LOVE it. But now, every cup that Mama is holding instantly becomes ‘your cup’ and you are not happy until I let you take a sip of my water from it.

You continue to be your giggly sunshine-y self and are always in a great mood it seems. Even when you’re tired, you just fuss a bit to let us know you’ve  had enough and as soon as we snuggle you up you settle right down. Here’s some pics of this past month with us. We love you.

You also mastered thumb-sucking this month

You also mastered thumb-sucking this month

You and cousin Luke in NY. What's crazy is you both have the same expression on your face.

You and cousin Luke in NY. What’s crazy is you both have the same expression on your face.



But then you were BFFs!

But then you were BFFs!

5 months


6 responses to “Month 5

  1. She’s so tall! In personally love the last shot – total attitude!

  2. Ahh, little thumb-sucker! So cute.

    I love the pouty lip on her in the “stranger!” photo! Hmm, that one looks familiar…

  3. Oh the SHRIEKS. Funny, but not so fun to listen to. 🙂 She’s growing up quickly!

  4. She sounds like such a happy little gal! Glad your first flight alone went well. Yes, strangers holding the baby can be very handy at times! 😉 Love all of the photos!! What a cutie!

  5. Oh the shrieks!!! It’s cute the first few times, but when they let one out while you’re driving and it startles you…not so cute anymore LOL

    She’s growing so fast….and I love the cousins’ picture…great capture of the expressions 🙂

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