A Recent Conversation in our House #10 – extended version

So this all started with a chicken. No, not my chickens, that in itself is another post. But to fully appreciate the conversation I had with my dear, dear husband, you have to know the entire story.

So the chicken. A few weeks ago one of my bloggy friends sent me a link to another blogger’s post. People, I have not laughed so hard, I was crying. CRYING hysterically laughing. I of course then shared this blog post with everyone I could. Including my good friend Linds. Linds had the same reaction, hysterical laughing. But before I continue, to understand the rest of my post you MUST go read this post, it is VITAL to you understanding. Warning, there is a smattering of mature language, so if you can’t handle it, just stop right here. Here is the post:


(Ok, did you read it? If not, here are the cliff notes: This blogger and her friend are going shopping and her husband’s comment to her is to not buy anymore towels. So instead, she buys a 5-foot metal chicken, that they name Beyoncé, and leaves it at her front door, rings the bell, and then runs and hides to watch his reaction. My cliff notes do not do it justice, go read the post.)


Like 5 days later, a large box just shows up on my doorstep, containing this:

that’s 5 feet of giraffe

From my friend Linds, who apologized because she couldn’t find a 5-foot stuffed chicken on Amazon and thus had to settle for the giraffe.

She shipped a GIRAFFE to my house. Some of you may be like, “dude I’d be sooo pissed.” Whereas I am like “this is what friends are for!” And I have to understand because I shipped a 3-foot plastic penguin to her once…whole other story.

BUT the point of this post, is the conversation that ensued with my husband over naming our new friend:

Me: “I think his name is ‘Michael Jordan.'” (Yes, he’s a boy-giraffe I’ve decided.)

Jacob: “umm, why?”

Me: “Well we can’t name it ‘Penelope Nutmeg’ because that’s the name for my future pony.”

Jacob: *~blinks~*, blank stare

Then I took pity on my dear husband and drew him a verbal word-picture and said:

Me: “Michael Jordan is VERY tall…”

Jacob: Blank stare (again!)

Me: “Giraffes are VERY tall…”

Poor poor husband. At this point he just sort of shook his head and walked away, and thus, a giraffe was named. I, of course, immediately called Linds to share with her this conversational gem and when I got to the part about “Penelope Nutmeg” she was like “of course.” Like it was a foregone conclusion and why did I just waste my breath explaining this to her. “This is why we’re friends.” I told her.
Here’s Stella and Michael Jordan, with my husband whose entire body is exuding just how much he does not want to be in this picture:

Tally ho!

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26 responses to “A Recent Conversation in our House #10 – extended version

  1. I have searched and searched for that metal chicken to put in our back yard! I saw one in someone’s backyard just one day after reading the Bloggess’ post and I am desperate for one. It’s awesome!

    I would settle for the giraffe too…. And happily!

  2. Firstly, I LOVED that Bloggess post and had the same reaction!!! Hilarious!!! That is so awesome that your friend ordered you this giraffe off the back of it. Just awesome! I love the giraffe, the name, and the convo that took place between your husband. This makes me want to send giant animals to friends far and wide.



    AND… remember when Josey FULLY had access to a giant, metal chicken (which I believe was covered in glitter?) and DIDN’T buy it??? WTF?

    I love Michael Jordan! You and Stella will surely be best friends.

  5. Penelope nutmeg – best name ever

  6. I LOVE this post…now I just want to hear about the penguin…and I think every house should have a chicken…or a giraffe or something!

  7. HAHAHA. Oh my gosh, I freaking love you Chandra. Love you.

  8. Reblogged this on My Cheap Version of Therapy and commented:
    LMAO. Oh my gosh, her kid’s name is Stella Joan as well, so she’s obviously cool, though I am not NEARLY as funny. I love you CJ.

  9. Just type Metal chickens in your seach engine and you find all you wanst

  10. That post cracks me up too whenever I read it. And can I just say how awesome your friend is to take the time to find just the right gift to show up on your doorstep?? What a fun story to share.

  11. I found the perfect 4.5 foot tall metal chicken once, just before catching a greyhound 6 hours home, so I tragically couldn’t buy it. The giant giraffe is amazing as a fluffy substitute and Michael Jordan is a fabulous name.

    • It would of been awesome if you bought it and then was like “this is my one carry-on item.” OR if you got it it’s own ticket and just blank-stared at people as they gave you looks.

  12. I love that blog about the chicken. I read it whenever I’m down. You totally have my sense of humor. I get the name of the giraffe and the pony. What else would you name it?!?

    I have a complete obsession with giraffes and that particular giraffe is hopefully going to be in my possession one day. My husband rolls his eyes about it but he is secretly amused. I had the chance to buy it recently and decided to get my daughter’s Christmas instead (hmph…kids!). But one day, it’ll be mine! Muahahahahaha!

  13. i love the idea !! 🙂

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