The BOSS of cups

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So about a month ago I noticed Stells was totally into my cup whenever I was taking a drink.  She would eye it and then reach out as if she wanted to get it. So I decided to let her try with her own training cup and see how she liked it.  I figured she would try to grab it, miss, or drop it, and that would be that. Oh no. Little did I know on Stella’s resume listed under “special skills” was “I am the BOSS of cups.”


We had literally just handed her the cup and I’m hovering in case she drops it and she’s like “chill Momma, I got this.” 







8 responses to “The BOSS of cups

  1. Haha, nice job Stella! I love when they give us that look like, dude what is the big deal? 😉

  2. Oh wow… what a clever little girl!! 🙂 What kind of cup is that? My mum was explaining one that my nephew uses and it sounds similar. Looks neat!

  3. Cuteness! I love when they figure something out easily, and it means the world to us, but is nothing to them. Good stuff!

  4. I love those cups!!

    Though, the love hasn’t totally been warranted as we have the progression one that has the sippy top first 😉 Haven’t graduated to the lid with the holes to actually drink from it.

    Good job Stella!!

  5. Way to go Stella!! We were thinking of getting that exact same cup. Hm…

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