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This past week Stella and I took our first solo plane trip to NY.  Despite this sounding like the perfect storm for DISASTER, Stella apparently is the best baby ever for plane rides.  This was her second time flying and she did FANTASTIC.  No crying, slept on the plane and charmed everyone we sat with.  Well, except for the guy who got assigned next to me on our first flight.  I wanted him to switch with another woman who offered to sit with me and be of help (I couldn’t move to where she was because I had to sit on a certain side fo the plane that had 3 oxygen masks above our seats).  I tried to politely explain to him that I would need to feed my baby during the flight.  He was like “umm, ok.”  Then I said, “I will need to NURSE her, and while I have a NURSING cover, given the cramped space it may be difficult.”  BLANK STARE.  Finally I just laid it all out there “I am breastfeeding and I’d rather you not see my boob, will you please switch with this lady?” Comprehension finally dawned on him, he switched.

The reason we were flying to NY is that it was my Father’s 70th birthday and this summer I and my siblings hatched a plan to surprise my Dad by all showing up for his party when he was only expecting one of us to be able to make it. The weekend was a wealth of photographic opportunity and I have a series of hilarious pictures in which we attempted to get all the grandkids in a picture together, which is not easy with 4 kids under 4.  But for the “snapshot” today here is a picture of the birthday boy and Stella:

Happy 70th Grandpa!


9 responses to “Family

  1. YAY for the Stellas being rock star travelers!
    She looks SO much like you in this pic. Wow – she’s growing up! Super cute, and what a fun surprise.

  2. Great picture….and so glad she was such a champ at traveling…that had to make the weekend all the better!

  3. Well Chandra may add to this, I had no idea what so ever that Chandra would be here for my party, the door bell rang, the back door that is, my wife said will you get that, so I went to the door and no one was there, so I figured someone must be at the side garage door, so I went into the gargage and through the window could see no one, I open the door and no one, Then I looked down and there was a baby in a carrier, so I squatted down and looked to see who it was, still no idea, then I started thinking who’s would be coming with a baby, so I said hey who are you, then Chandra and her sister peak aroung the corner, I said OMG I didn ‘t even reconize my grandaughter. This was the BEST birthday present ever. Thank you kids, love ya.

  4. Aw, what a great surprise! And look at Stella! She looks so big and grown up here!

  5. What a great way to spend a birthday! So glad your little Stella is a rock star traveler!

  6. What a fantastic surprise for your Dad’s 70th!! And what a beautiful photo of him and Stella! 🙂 …I assume this was after he recognized her! 😉

  7. So glad your Dad was surprised! I can see the family resemblance in this picture 🙂

  8. Yay! Sounds like a great weekend (oblivious dude on the plane notwithstanding). So glad that she’s a good traveller. Ginny did really well on her first plane trip, but her second one came along when she was in the middle of some hard teething. She became ‘that’ baby on the plane. Fun times! 🙂

  9. They both look so serious! lol! She’s getting so huge, it’s crazy.

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