A Tribute to TBD

Dudes!  So SRB is having a baby!  Who’s SRB you ask?  Well, she’s a fellow founding member of PAIL, she’s Canadian, she’s a fellow IFer, she’s a Mom to HGB, wife to BJB, she’s a lover of “initials” and she’s AWESOME.

When SRB was preggo with HGB, she never had a shower.  WHAT?  Yeah, I know, SO sad.  So a bunch of us thought, hey, SRB TOTALLY needs a shower for kid #2.  And since we can’t all go to CANADA (as much as I’d love to) we are throwing her a virtual shower here on the interwebs.

SRB, I am so excited for you and baby number two.  I am counting on you telling me that adding a second baby is a breeze and no work at all.  LIE TO ME.  I am so glad I have gotten to know you through our work with PAIL.  Your sense of humour (note the CANADA-spelling), your knowledge on sciencey stuff, and your support have all been invaluable to me.

I am so excited to meet TBD , he’s got an awesome Mom whom I’m so glad to know.  I’ll be sending TBD a hat I knit for him, because I hear Canada is cold or something in the winter.


CJ, Metholic



One response to “A Tribute to TBD

  1. Dude!

    This is so awesome. And the hat is NOT “too Nancy” at all! I love the two colours and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! And we’ll need it, because as you mentioned SEVERAL times above, we’re Canadian! 🙂

    Woman, you crack me up! I love when we happen to be on twitter at the same time and converse about unicorns and potential chemical weapons starring glitter. I appreciate your sense of humour, and having you to lean on as I too (re)enter the world of newborns and dropping off the face of the interwebs for a few months. I didn’t realize (or remember, probably) that you did HB too, so hearing about YOUR Jimmy Legs somehow made MINE go away! THANKS!


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