Halloween: an essay in photos

Baby in a pumpkin:

(You can see the entire pumpkin-series on my fb profile if you are interested. You have to ‘friend’ me first but I promise I will never post a picture of kittens in a basket, or kittens with a puppy in a basket, and I have no pictures of me making “duck/fish face.”)

Reason #87 to have a kid: baby in a pumpkin

Jacob Asked if he needed to change clothes for our pictures.  I answered honestly, he didn’t have to change clothes…

already pretending she doesn’t know us

Someone’s excited about being a unicorn…and it’s not Stella

Ummm, do I know you strange lady?

Yes, I do have to constantly resist the urge to cover her in kisses. She’s so yummy!

Being so cute apparently works up an appetite as she spent the rest of the photo shoot trying to eat her costume.

Fly unicorn, fly!


7 responses to “Halloween: an essay in photos


    Unicorns…ah, memories! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh – that final picture. LOVE!! Great series. 🙂

  3. OMG So freaking cute….The pumpkin pics are hilarious…I thought about doing something like that, but then thought, “that’s a lot of work to clean out a big pumpkin just to toss my kid in it.” I’ll be forever jealous I didn’t put my kid in one…the unicorn costume: AWESOME! And I agree with Josey: LoveLOVE that last picture!

  4. That second photo in the pumpkin is priceless – I love it!

    She is one cute unicorn!

  5. Um she is so adorable! Wish we did Halloween!

  6. Oh my, those pictures are adorable! When D was a baby, I wanted to put him in a pumpkin like that. Oh well. Hmm. I could still get a really, really big pumpkin. But the pumpkin guts! Think of how long I’d have to scoop!

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