Month 4

Dear Stella,

You are four months old.  That is a THIRD of a year.  You’ve been in our lives a third of a year.  Mind blowing. A year ago, Mama was pregnant with you and didn’t even know it yet.  Amazing.

This past month you have gotten full head control and now enjoy sitting in your bumbo seat.  You also have started reaching for and grabbing toys and can even lift them up to your mouth to chew on.  You are particularly fond of your little yellow lion toy and happily soak him in slobber every day.  You’re starting to show signs of rolling over, but can only get about 3/4 of the way over and then you flop back.

We started doing sign language with you when your were three months old.  We started with “milk”, “socks”, and “bath.”  You have totally picked up on the “milk” sign, to the point if I sign it and do not immediately allow you to nurse you start to shriek.  I also think you are starting to sign it back, but Daddy doesn’t think so.  You get a kick when we sign “socks” to you, but I’m not sure you are comprehending it yet, I think you just like the funny hand gesture we make.

You’ve started to realize when one of us leaves the room and when we come back in you give us a huge grin as if to say “I missed you SO much”, even if we were only gone for a minute.  It melts our hearts.  A less fun development of your increasing bond with us is my attempts to take you to church.  You do great right up until Daddy turns his mic on and starts talking.  As soon as you hear his voice over the PA system you start to look around trying to find him. When you can’t, you literally lose it.  You scream and cry so hard  I have to take you from the sanctuary.  But because the entire church is wired for sound, no matter where we go, you can hear him.  And thus, we end up lasting about 20 minutes each Sunday at church before I have to take you home. Poor baby.  Hopefully this passes with time.

At your 4 month check up you continued to amaze us and the doctor by your impressive growth.  At 3 months you were 25-inches long.  In one month you grew another 1.5 inches.  You are 26.5-inches.  When they showed us your growth curve, the dot for your height was off the curve.  You are TALL.  You are almost 14 pounds.  You are “going for the gold” in baby growth.

Here’s some pictures from your past month with us:

Mama, I am VERY serious about sitting like a big girl in my Bumbo.

Can’t. Keep. Straight. Face.

Does everything I own have bear-ears on it? Yes, yes it does Stella.

Already perfecting her ballerina postures


6 responses to “Month 4

  1. Aww love all these photos, especially that ballerina stance!! 🙂 What a doll. Sounds like she is doing great and growing so quickly!!

  2. That serious face is hilarious…and the ballerina..OMG seriously looks like a dancer….that’s awesome…I love these pics!

  3. Love the bear ears!!!! She’s adorable Chandra!!

  4. omg, she really IS tall– look at that last photo!!! It’s so cool to see how big she’s getting, sitting all by herself!

  5. OMG – that ballerina stance is AWESOME!! She’s all getting GROWN and stuff. Wowzers.

  6. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable. Hearing that she goes nuts when she hears her daddy’s voice in church cracked me up, but it must be really hard for you!

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