monday morning snapshot – Ol’ Blue Eyes

This is my entry for PAIL’s Monday Morning Snapshot. Click here to see all the other adorable babies.

This is a shot of Stella that I took and when I looked at it, she just took my breath away.  Those EYES.  Sometimes I just can’t stand how much I love this little girl.  Luckily Stella keeps me grounded by balancing her adorableness with her amazing ability to spit up all over me, multiple times, completely missing the burp cloth.  But then she flashes those baby blues at me…



8 responses to “monday morning snapshot – Ol’ Blue Eyes

  1. WOW. Stunning WOW. My Stella has blue eyes, but not like that!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Wow those are some amazingly, stunning blue eyes!!! She is a doll. I am sure you could stare into those all day long… when not cleaning spit up! 😉

  3. Holy cannoli! Beautiful! I love her little dress too, adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness, those are some gorgeous eyes!

  5. BEAUTIFUL eyes indeed!!

  6. Like, WHOA. Those are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen! Just…whoa! 🙂

  7. those are some piercing blue eyes….I hope HOPE HOPE!!! they stay like that….Raegan’s eyes were like that when she was right around 6 months old and they’ve grown a little more pale as she’s gotten older…I thought she was going to go green, but for now she’s pale blue…

    Beautiful eyes!!!

  8. Gotta love them baby blues!! Gorgeous.

    Sidenote: How the heck have not had you in my reader yet? *shame*

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