I got to meet in person one of the other ladies behind our PAIL wesbsite!

PAIL Bloggers

Lets take a moment and indulge in some PAIL nostalgia. Way back in April of 2012 the call went out for someone, or someones, to take over the fledgling yet thriving PAIL idea. Picture me, 8 months preggo, and, looking back now, semi delusional. I, along with 3 other ladies, answered the call to take over the PAIL idea. We bonded instantly through emails laced with enthusiasm, sarcasm, and humor. When I was nearly debilitated with back issues during the later part of my pregnancy, and then gave birth, the other 3 ladies granted me the grace and time to step away from PAIL.

It’s hard to believe it has only been a few months pretty much that PAIL, in this format, has been in existence. Yet I can honestly say the 3 ladies that I work with to make PAIL what it is are truly my friends and part…

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