Month 3.5

Dear Stella,

Well you turned 3 months old 2-weeks ago.  Oops.  So this letter is a bit late.  In my defense the day you turned 3 months we were getting on a plane to fly to Boston.  And the week prior to getting on that plane was a series of small panics over what to pack, how much to pack, and ‘OMG we’re going to take our 3 month old on a plane?! Are we nuts?!’  The answer to the second questions is a resounding ‘yes’, though not about taking you on a plane.

For all my worry and MASSIVE over packing, you did FANTASTIC.  You were all, ‘oh boy Mommy and Daddy are just snuggling me all day and then this lady in a jaunty little uniform asked me if I wanted some cocktail nuts.’

This past month has been pretty ok, to be honest with ya Stells, Mommy doesn’t remember much of it.  You started sleeping 7-8 hours at night but pretty much quit taking any nap longer than 30 minutes unless you are being held by us in your rocker.  So we just try to get you back to sleep and do our best.  We know you’ll figure this nap stuff out eventually, but we’re praying it’s sooner rather than later.

The big triumph of this month is that you finally took a bottle from Daddy!  This is great, it gives you and Daddy your own special time each day and it gives Mommy a break to go do something.  Like shower. Or brush her teeth.  Or stare at the wall.

We know the first few months are the roughest, but they are also incredible.  You babble and coo up a storm now, we do kisses and I think you are starting to try and give kisses back.  You’ll put your mouth against my cheek and slobber while making the same type of kissy-noises I make when I’m kissing your cheeks.  It’s so hilarious.  And awesome. And amazing.

Here’s some pics from your past month.

Ocean ‘baptism’, can’t wait to bring you back when you’re old enough to go in.

Who needs naps? Not me!


4 responses to “Month 3.5

  1. I’m glad that the traveling went well! My Stella’s naps didn’t consolidate into longer chunks of time for a while either (honestly can’t remember when – weird). It does get easier. 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing how you can just forget entire chunks of time? That’s part of why I’m so glad I’m doing the updates – b/c you really do get in a haze of foregetfulness when you’re not sleeping!

    Cute pics of Stells. 😉

  2. Ah! I love the Escape From the Swaddle photo!

    I am panicking about how much of months 0-6 I am blocking out. Please record your days in meticulous detail from now on. I BEG YOU.

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