Going Back

These past few weeks have been a flurry of activity for us.  We had Stella’s baptism and had family come from all over.  And now we are preparing to get on a plane.  With a baby.  An almost 3 month old baby.  Did I mention on a PLANE?

Here’s my tips for how to pack for a trip with an infant:

1) Open all closets and drawers.  Dump into suitcase.

2) Panic you will forget something and find even more stuff to pack.

Then there’s the car seat for the rental car, the jogging stroller because she’s still too small to fit in an ‘umbrella stroller’, the travel crib that we hope she sleeps in (HA!).

But it’s ok, we’ll be fine and if we do forget something we can buy it on the trip.  And we are going to one of the most awesome places on Earth, BOSTON.  We’re going back to Boston!  Boston is where Jacob and I met, so Boston is directly responsible for us having Stella I’d say.

So until we get back and things settle down here are some recent picks of Ms. Stella.

BAPTIMIZED! (Optimal+baptism. She didn’t cry except for a second and was in a great mood the whole time)

Imparting life lessons: Remember Stella, anytime Daddy ask you what you want, the answer is ALWAYS “pony.”

And now you know what awesome looks like


7 responses to “Going Back

  1. That second picture is just adorable. And I love Boston in the Fall! Enjoy!

  2. My Stella projectile vomited while we were up in front of the congregation. Awesome times.

    Good luck traveling!!

  3. Awwwwwww! Babies in sunglasses are a chink in my cranky armour! Safe trip peeps! 🙂

  4. Love that last line!! She is pretty awesome my friend 🙂

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