2 months – not sharing


Your second month in our life, well, it was amazing (of course).  It was a month of great sleeping and a month of terrible sleeping.  It was a month of late night car rides and a month where you actually slept for 5-6 hours at night.  These nights of long sleep were truly awesome, though every time you did it we would wake up in a panic like ‘ohmygod the baby, why hasn’t she cried yet?!’  The late night car rides to help you sleep, while not the ideal, were a great time for your Dad and I to explore our new town and surrounding area and gave us some quiet time to just talk (mostly about you).

At your 2 month check-up you were 23.5 inches long, which is still in the upper 90% for height and you weighed 11 pounds 6 oz, 75% for weight.  You are a looooong baby.  Oh, and vaccines, yeah that sucked.  You got so upset you held your breath, poor baby girl.

This month you continued to babble and coo.  Your smiles take up your whole face and you have this ‘silent’ laugh when you get so excited and then squeal with delight.  We do kisses and tickles and every time Mama or Daddy kiss your chin right below your lip you do what I call “kissy face” which is you smile while also trying to coo in delight.

You also started to say that universal baby sound of “ah-goo.”  You actually did this a little earlier than when all the baby books said you would, which was exciting.  It would have been more exciting had you not decided to do this at 2am, after not sleeping all day, as Mama was trying to calm you down.  You were having none of it and proceeded to chat and babble and smile as if to prove how much you were not going to sleep.

Each day that passes for us is so great.  I know some parents wish time to go more slowly, but I’m not.  I can’t wait for each day, to see what you will do today and the next, how you will change.  I think part of me feels this way because I am still in disbelief that you are really here.  So each day that passes is yet another confirmation that you are ours, really really ours.

The other part is that I am just so excited for all your new developments.  I look back on your newborn pictures when you were so small, and I don’t miss you being that small like some parents might.  I’m so excited that you are growing and learning new things everyday.  I don’t want to ‘freeze time’, I can’t wait for you to roll over, sit up on your own, say your first words, etc..  I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you learn all these things, how proud and excited you will be of all that you can accomplish.

We started doing a nap/bedtime routine with you.  We swaddle you up and rock you in the glider and sing you Mama’s favorite song “You are my sunshine.” Daddy learned to play this song for Mama on the banjo and we danced to it at our wedding, and now we get to sing it to you.  And yes, Mama got teary-eyed the first couple times she sang it to you.  Mama just can’t believe she has a little girl to sing this song to.

And that’s probably the overriding theme of this month, Mama and Daddy are ‘not sharing’.  We have no desire to have a babysitter, have someone else hold you, burp you, or put you to bed.  We waited so long for you, we want to experience each moment with you.  I’m sure we will eventually feel different, but these first few months, they are precious and few.  And while I don’t want time to slow down,  I’m not going to even pretend I’m not fiercely possessive of you and savoring every moment.  And that’s ok.  Soon enough you will be big enough to wriggle out of my arms and crawl or walk to something else, and that day will be celebrated too.

Here’s your 2 month picture and a picture of you making your “kissy face”:

Delicious long leggies!

Kissy face!


11 responses to “2 months – not sharing

  1. LOVE this!!
    We, too, had a hard time with all of the well meaning friends and family who wanted to hold/babysit/etc in those first few months. i mean, you could help me out by doing a load of laundry and cooking us dinner…not by holding the baby that I’ve been longing for – for YEARS! Enjoy those snuggles. 🙂

  2. Yes! ok, good to know we are not the only ones!

  3. Absolutely love, love you, Jacob and baby Stella.   Your pics and blogs help us feel close to you all.   Hope to see you soon.

    Love Aunt Jane, Uncle Jeff

  4. Enjoy this time, you waited so long for it, but Grandpa and Grandma are coming in a couple weeks, looking forward to holding our Granddaughter.So Stella tell Mommy and Daddy there gonna have to share you.

  5. Funny, I have this internal selfish feeling that I don’t want to share our baby either. So when I saw your dad’s comment, I shivered LOL. Something seriously irks me about people demanding to hold the baby. I honestly feel like lying to everyone and telling them our due date is a month or two further than it actually is just for that reason! Hopefully I get over it, but know you are not alone haha 🙂

  6. What?! That kissy face is just too adorable. Too too cute!

  7. I didn’t want to share either…I still kind of don’t….I’ll hand Raegan to my mom and with in seconds I want her back. The good thing is now she’s all about mommy so whenI do hand her off, she’s asking for me in a minute…so I play like I’m sharing, but really I’m not…

    Enjoy the snuggles!!!

    Love the kissy face!

  8. I remember those months, and I remember that — although I was fine with others visiting, holding and cuddling him — I never felt the need to “take a break” from the baby, find a sitter and go out for no reason other than to leave the house (if I left, he came with me). I was told repeatedly that I SHOULD feel that way, and that there must be something wrong with me if I didn’t, but I was intoxicated with him, tired and very much in love with my baby boy. Just because others need a getaway from their newborns doesn’t mean I needed or wanted one. Hold her tight and enjoy her in whatever style suits YOU.

  9. Ahahahaha! She looks JUST like you!

  10. I didn’t want to share for the longest time. In some ways, I still don’t! Still not ready for a night without him, despite INTENSE pressure that “it’s time.” You’ll know when it’s time. 🙂

    Did you knit her headband? No reason…just asking.

  11. Stella’s height and weight percentages are almost identical to yours at that age. Adorable little ‘copycat’.

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