MMM (memorable moment monday)

Here’s my submission to MMM over at PAIL Jules posted a pic of her gorgeous girls having ‘Daddy time’.  Today, having successfully showered and dressed I decided I needed to take a pic of my Stella with me.  I think a lot of Moms neglect to take pictures of themselves with their babies.  For me it’s just a matter of the fact that often I haven’t showered, I’m tired, or I’m in pajamas and don’t want my picture taken.   But today I did it!  I showered, put on clean clothes and Stella was being just adorable.  My hair may not be brushed and my face hasn’t seen makeup in sometime, but who cares with a gorgeous little girl like this?

And we match!

Click on the link to see all the other adorable pics for today.


11 responses to “MMM (memorable moment monday)

  1. Kudos for scrounging up the energy! You guys look fantastic 🙂

  2. So cute! And you are so right… it’s a shame how few pictures so many babies end up having with their moms (in our case it’s because I’m the one always manning the camera).

  3. She looks just like you in this! Which is to say, gorgeous! (Pinkest shirt ever notwithstanding) 😉

  4. I’m definitely one of those mom’s who neglects to take pics with my daughter….prob because I think I look terrible and don’t want to distract from my daughter’s cuteness…yeah I’m biased! And mostly because I’m the one holding the camera.

  5. PS…super cute pic of you two!

  6. She’s adorable!! I love the expression on her little face. I don’t have nearly enough pictures with my girl. I need to be better about taking them. It’s hard now because she’s at the age where she wants to hold everything, so holding the camera just out of her reach to take the pic likely ends up with a picture of a smiling mommy and a screaming, mad toddler.

  7. Oh, you both are beautiful!

  8. YAY!! So glad you got a pic of the two of you. If my Mom hadn’t visited in the beginning, I wouldn’t have had a single pic of Stells and I together. Make an effort to do it once a month – that sounds silly, but it’s been hard for me to remember to even do that! They change so quickly, and think about how much you love looking back on pics of you and YOUR mom!

    PS – when did she get so grown up?!

  9. Oh she’s a cutie!!!

  10. You are SO right! I never allow pictures of me to be taken. And quite often it’s because I haven’t seen the inside of a shower for way too long. LOL. You look awesome and she’s darling! Love that you match! 🙂

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