So back when our little snuggle bunny was having eating issues they did a barium x-ray test which involved torturing our small 3 week old for about 4 hours at the hospital.  She was having episodes of projectile vomiting and hours, no, HOURS of painful gas at night.  The pediatrician threw some Zantac medicine at us, saying it was acid-reflux, and that was about it.

However, having foster baby experience we had met and talked with many pediatricians and had learned that for most babies, (not all), Zantac is a useless effort.  This is because ALL babies “reflux”, only about 1 out of 10 babies actually need treatment.  Also the hours of intestinal gas pains at night were not consistent with Reflux-issues.  Also the Barium test that is used to help diagnose Reflux has been proven to be flawed as 80-90% of babies reflux on barium!  (If you want more info on this use my contact info on this site and I will send you the research sources.)

So knowing all that I did some more research and found out that in 50% of cases of infants with Reflux issues the actual culprit is a milk protein sensitivity.  That even though I am nursing, the milk I drink still passes through my milk and into baby.  I read this and it makes TOTAL sense to me.  I mean they tell you no cow’s milk for the first year as a child’s digestive system can’t handle it.  It makes sense that if milk is passing through my breast milk that it would cause her digestive system to have issues.

And I was consuming a TON of dairy.  I didn’t eat chicken throughout my pregnancy because it disgusted me, and we only eat meat a couple of times a week.  So to get all the protein I needed I was eating yogurt and drinking milk like crazy.  And of course there is the cheese.  I LOVE cheese.  We once found a 5-year-aged cheddar cheese and I wanted to make out with it, it was THAT good.

So I decided to go completely dairy-free for three weeks, the time it takes for all the milk-protein to get out of the one’s body.  And it wasn’t a mater of going lactose-free, if it was I would have been able to eat cheese and drink lactose-free milk.  No, babies with this issue are sensitive to the protein in milk, not lactose.

So goodbye sour cream, butter, yogurt, CHEESE, FROSTING.  For THREE WEEKS.  Plus you would not believe how many other products have milk or milk proteins in them.  It’s like ALL of them.  So I was constantly reading labels.

BUT, Stella got better!  The hours of gas pains she was having and the hours we spent rocking her, walking around with her, driving in the car with her, all went away (except for one night when in a moment of weakness I ate a home-made whoopee pie, SO yummy, but we paid for it).  So at the three-week mark we decided to test our little experiment.  Was it really the milk or was she just going through a fussy-spell and had now outgrown it?

1-and-a-half days.  That’s how long I was back on dairy before we got our answer.  The first day I took it easy, had some sour cream on a dish for lunch. We noticed she was a little gassier but nothing major.  The next day I upped my game, sour cream again, cheese, and small glass of milk.  We, well Jacob (love him!), spent 3 hours holding Stella as she screamed with gas pains that night.

FRIK.  I really LOVE cheese.  And yogurt, not that over-sugared or artificially sweetened crap, REAL, plain, greek-style yogurt with fresh fruit.  Sigh.  But I’m going back off dairy.  And at our two month check-up I’m going to ask them to do a milk-protein sensitivity test.  I’ve read that most babies outgrow this sensitivity by 6 months, but I’d like to know for sure so we have a baseline should she continue to have issues or develop other food issues.

Has anyone else out there had experience with this issue?  Any tips or anything I might be missing?  Any tips for not crying as I pass the cheese case in the supermarket?


18 responses to “Moo

  1. Anna Blankenbaker

    Mom says that the Dark Chocolate Coconut milk Ice Cream is AMAZING! She might be able to give you some survival items as she has had to totally eliminate milk too!

  2. Big BIG kudos for doing your research and not listening to just the hospital. That’s quite a sacrifice! Best of luck 🙂

  3. The first thing I thought of as I was reading was colic. You mentioned “at night” and thought of Lily. But you’ve gone through other steps to prove it isn’t colic. I actually thougt breast feeding was good and the only things that would effect the baby was spicy foods and alcohol. I didn’t think she’d get dairy in the same way you do. I thought it was filtered so it wouldn’t be a problem. I just looked again, it only occurs at night? Lily was like that, fine all day and as soon as the lights went out at night she would scream for hours! Every night for several hours! She wasn’t diagnosed with colic because it has to occur for 3 months and a certain number of hours each night. All I can say is patience!

    • “Colic” is a general term when they can’t figure out why the kid cries. BUT, if it was colic, it wouldn’t have gone away for those 3 weeks I was off dairy.

  4. Its hard but you can do it. It wasnt as hard as I though it was and Coconut yogurt is REALLY yummy. check out the SO products. a little pricy but Totally worth it when you want the “creamy craving”. I had to do it with Mila and she only needed it for a few weeks. Coffee is a big trigger for it too. I just cant give it up. Not with two kids. Hope you can have you dairy back soon

  5. OOOooh. Rough. We were worried for a bit about Stella as well, but we (I) never tried that hard to cut out cheese. It’s just… CHEESE. *sob* She doesn’t have reflux anymore, though that probably subsided around 6 months, so… hm…. *Bad Mother* oops.

    • PS, my Stells didn’t have hours of inconsolable gas pain though, or I’m sure I’d have thought a lot harder about cutting out cheese, etc. Poor baby 😦 We just went through 8 million outfits and burp rags every day for awhile!

    • I’m with you on the cheese. I mean the things I wanted to do to that 5-year aged cheddar, well it was indecent, it was that good!

  6. I would recommend soy milk to drink. I like the vanilla, but in a pinch, plain works too. I have found that the store brands are often better tasting AND less expensive than Silk.

    I would recommend that if you ever do make a trip to the ” big city” that you take a cooler with some ice packs with you and stock up on the SO Delicious coconut products, especially the yogurt. Also, I have found a shredded non-dairy cheese called Daiya. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it does work for cooking with cheese. It comes in cheddar and mozzarella form. I even use the cheddar to make grilled cheese!

    I’ve been dairy free for almost three years now. How I wish that I could go back after 6 months! I hope that Stella’sissues resolve soon so that you can get back to dairy.

    • I’m trying to avoid Soy too, not completely, but they say loading up on tons of soy products when trying to avoid dairy can also aggravate a kiddo. Plus there are some who have linked high soy-intake to fertility issues so I’ve limited my intake of it for awhile. I’ll have to check out the Daiya, I have found that a lot fake-cheese products still have milk-protein in them as an additive.

      • I understand about the soy. I thought about that after I made my post. I however, am old and don’t need to worry about those things. 😉

        The Daiya package says: Dairy, lactose, AND casein free. Also gluten and soy free. Added bonus: cholesterol free. So, I think it might work for you.

  7. OMG. If I had to give up cheese, I just… I couldn’t go on. What would I eat?

    Fake cheese is the worst. Sorry! Have you tried almond milk? I don’t drink milk proper, but once I found almond milk I never looked at soy again. Original flavour. NOT unsweetened. Let’s not go crazy.

    • I LOVE almond milk, have been drinking it for years, even the unsweetened kind (!) BTW I love how I can tell you are for sure a Canadian by the way you spell “flavour”, it’s so fancy! 😉

  8. My niece had the exact same thing but it took her vomiting blood before they figured it out. No dairy for mama and we have one happy little baby. I also like almond milk. If you really want to get into it, start researching the actual affects milk and dairy have on the human body – and steer clear of the studies paid for by the dairy farmers… We’re the only species that insists on drinking milk after we’re grown. It was enough to make me not want to touch the stuff ever again! Anyway, it’s awesome you’re making this sacrifice for your sweetie. She’s definitely worth it!

    • It does kind of gross me out that we are the only mamals who essentially still “breastfeed” as adults albeit from another animal. But still…creepers.

  9. Have I told you yet that your new header is AMAZEBALLS? Salami!!!

    No dairy is a bummer. I did it once, back in college, as some sort of pseudo-vegan something-or-other (“I’m vegan, except I eat eggs and honey and also fish and shellfish. BUT OTHERWISE, VEGAN”) for a year and a half. No cheese is a serious bummer in my world, but hopefully Little Miss gets her sh*t together and starts processing dairy better by 6 months so you can have your cheese back! ❤

    Seconding SRB, here– don't even bother with fake cheese. Just– no. It's the worst. THE WORST. So, so gross. It's all the bad parts of cheese (texture, smelliness) and none of the flavor– erm, FLAVOUR. I can be fancy too 😉

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