1 month

Dear Stella,

You turned One-month old this week.  Whew!  Made it!  Is what I feel like yelling, but I’m too tired to yell.  But it’s the best kind of tired I’ve ever been.  It’s not the kind of tired that you get from staying up too late watching TV, or the tired you feel after a hard work out.  It’s the kind of tired you feel knowing that the reason you’re so tired is the most worthwhile thing in the world.  That reason is you.

I’ve documented our journey to having you.  Our struggles with infertility, and our struggles once you arrived.  I know we could have had it a lot worse.  But I also know ours was a tough road, and I don’t want to forget that.  I want you, and any future siblings you might have, to know how much Mommy and Daddy wanted you.  Yes, every parent, struggle or not, who has kids wants their kids.  But let me tell you little girl, we wanted you.  We knew we were meant to have you, and I would do it ALL, and MORE, over again to have you in our life.  So when you are 156 months (13 years) old and you think we are the WORST parents ever, and you’re mad at us and we are mad at you, I want you to remember.  We wanted you, you are our precious gift, we still want you, and we always will.

So far in your first month of life Mommy’s genetics have won out.  You have dark brown hair, like I was born with.  My hair later turned blond, so we’ll see what happens with your hair.  You’re first act in life when they placed you on my stomach after you were born was to pee on me.  Yes, I’m sure when you read this when you are older you will roll your eyes and be totally annoyed that Mommy wrote this about you.  Well guess what kid, I’m gonna write a bunch more and probably more embarrassing.  It builds character, just like cleaning your room does!

You literally were born with one of your hands by your mouth and we soon found out that you are a dedicated thumb sucker.  So much so that you managed to escape your swaddle, that had velcro fastenings, and get your thumb in your mouth.  I too was a dedicated thumb sucker.  You even do the same thing I did, which is to suck your thumb and then curl your index finger up  on your cheek and rest it on top of your nose.  If EVER there was a case for the transmission of personality traits via genetics, THIS is it.  You look just like me and your Auntie Cherie as an infant, which is pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.  I think you look more like your Aunt Cherie did as an infant, which is a good thing, because she was the cuter baby in my opinion.  Though, being the 4th child there are only a handful of pictures of me as an infant, so maybe I just took really bad pictures.

You do have your Father’s height, you are in the 99% for height already.  You also sneeze just like your Dad, which cracks us up.  When I met your Dad I noticed he always sneezed multiple times, LOUD, WHOLE-body sneezes,  and after those sneezes he would exhale loudly/sigh, like the act of sneezing took the wind out of him.  It drove me nuts, and I thought he was doing that weird exhale-thing on purpose.  Well then we met you.  You sneeze the EXACT SAME WAY and you do that exhale-thing too.  It is SO crazy and the cutest thing ever.  We are trying to catch it on video.

You are just now starting to return smiles and also to coo and ‘talk’ to us.  Every day you amaze me with how much you have already grown.  I am still in disbelief that you are really ours.  When I go through your laundry and see a 12-month size I have to shake my head, because I still cannot believe that I am going to have a 12-month old.  Or when I see our baby gates, that I’m going to have a crawling, walking, baby who will try to get into everything.  It is just so amazing.   Here are some pictures of your first month Stella, it’s been awesome.

Morning walks are one of our favorite things

Bathing beauty!

Thumb sucker. I still have no idea how your got out of a velcro-secured swaddle. There would be a million pics of your Mom like this, if there were any pics of your Mom as a baby. Be glad you are the first-born kiddo 🙂

Your expression in this picture is priceless.

Gorgeous little girl!

One month and full of awesome!


7 responses to “1 month


  2. One month already! Wowsers! Happy bday teeny lady!

    Love the bathrobe – jealous of it, actually! 🙂

  3. She is just GORGEOUS!

  4. What a special letter! I can only imagine the reaction of Stella as a teen after a copy is lovingly left for her. Your love is read in and between the lines 🙂

  5. She was/is definitely wanted. 🙂
    Beautiful baby!! I can’t believe she’s a month old already!!

  6. STELLA!

    We have the same Ergo! And Chicken sneezes just like her dad, too! And I love her expression in that photo as well (plus kudos to you for getting it together enough to take a family photo at just 1 month old, lady)! And you are gorgeous! And I love all of you <333

    Seriously, if SRB has a girl I think she should name her Stella, and if I have another girl I promise I will name her Stella so the PAIL Stella contingent can be completed! Ha!

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