Hospital Nursery Delinquent

So let’s get this out-of-the-way right up front, I sent my kid to the nursery.  GASP.  Judge me, I like it!  I had originally planned to room-in with the kiddo the whole time.  That was until I had been awake for 24 hours and Stella would only sleep on me or on Jacob.  Put her in her bassinet and it was all, WHOLLY MOTHER OF GOD SOMEONE SAVE ME MY PARENTS HAVE ABANDONED ME!

So we both needed sleep, because what you don’t know is our ‘plan’ right after being discharged was to move up to our new house and that was going to take energy, of which I was sorely lacking.  I say ‘plan’ because this was in no way our plan or desire or anything close to what I thought would be the circumstances surrounding her birth, it just happened and we barely survived it.  Like remember when I painted an entire house while dealing with a 9 month old foster kiddo and a husband on bed rest from surgery?  Stella’s birth circumstances makes that look like an all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean.  I am not sure if I will publish Stella’s ‘birth story’ but I plan to publish her birth circumstances, because let me tell you guys, it is some crazy shi…stuff.

So back to needing sleep.  I called in the nurse and asked her if I sent Stella to the nursery what would happen if she cried.  She said the nurses there would try to settle her, try to put her in a swing, and if that didn’t work a nurse would hold her.  If all that didn’t work they would bring her back to me.  Ok, so she wouldn’t just be left crying, I am ok with this.  So I feed Stella, we give her kisses and send her off to the nursery.  We turn off the lights and settle down to sleep.

FIFTEEN minutes later I hear the sound of my child screeching down the hallway.  A nurse knocks on our door and rolls in my screaming child.  The nurse says as soon as they got to the nursery Stella started rooting and sucking on her fingers so she must need to be fed.  But I had JUST fed her, but I figure she must still be hungry, so I’ll feed her again. So we get back up, I get set up and Jacob hands me my apparently starving child who is still crying.

The INSTANT she touches my chest she stops crying, sighs, and falls asleep.  I try to wake her and nurse her, no dice. Are you kidding me?  Did my kid just fake-out the entire hospital staff and her parents?  I eventually get her to nurse for 5 minutes. Kisses are given again, back to the nursery.

TWENTY minutes later.  Again the sound of my screeching child being rolled down the hallway.  The nurse comes back in, and sounding slightly frustrated herself tells us that as soon as she got to the nursery Stella lost it.  Started screaming in the bassinet.  They put her in a swing, lost it even more.  Nurses, not one, more than one, tried to hold her.  LOST IT LIKE SHE HAD JUST SEEN THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE.

The nurses were done with her.  Our kid got kicked out of the hospital nursery in 20 minutes.

Surely that’s some type of record?

Surely that’s worth some type of prize right?

But who can be upset with a baby who wants her parents?  Not me.  Sweet little delinquent.


5 responses to “Hospital Nursery Delinquent

  1. Yep. That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen, and survival of the individual and the species depends on it. Good on you for recognizing it as normal, healthy and REQUIRED for her to be OK. I just happened to read this yesterday:

    And I particularly like the reference to the profitability of “the ‘putting babies down’ industry.” It needs to go away or be drastically reduced. Hold fast. Hold Stella.

  2. Oh, I had to laugh. You’re still full of humor even after all that. I hope you get some sleep, though.

  3. Omg that sounds absolutely horrible!! I hope she gets used to sleeping alone soon, that could really put a strain on your relationship! Poor Stella.

  4. I am laughing only because we have the same child. The only reason she was in the nursery for the 3 hour stretch was because I sent her there for testing and they noticed she kept chocking on mucus. Hang in there mommy, Mila became a much better baby once I cut out dairy and she was about 8 weeks.

  5. LOL, what a little rebel.
    My Stella wanted to be held constantly in the beginning as well. It’s normal. 🙂 Now she wants to MOVE, and when she cuddled and gave me a quick hug yesterday, I was so excited and startled that I yelled for my husband to COME QUICK AND LOOK!

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