Stella née Spike

“Stella Joan Bellamy J.” joined our life at 3:11 am on June 26th 2012.  She was 8lbs  13oz and 21 inches long, and dang it I birthed that baby all-natural!

Stella has taken our breath away and renders me wordless every time I look at her.  Each day I wake up in disbelief that she is really here and really ours.

I have so much already to share about her, including the fact that I’m pretty sure  our kid set the time record for getting kicked out of the hospital nursery.  We’ve had a little scare with some jaundice and weight issues, that actually landed us back in the hospital 12 hours after being discharged.  So until we are confident we are on track our focus now is on making sure she is nursing enough and healthy. So until I can write more here are some pictures of our long-awaited miracle:

Just before we left for the hospital. What I didn’t know was that in this picture I was about 9 centimeters dilated and had we waited much longer we wouldn’t have made it.

Baby! Our Baby!

Going home! Thanks Erin for the handmade outfit!



7 responses to “Stella née Spike

  1. Congrats! She’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. LOL, you sound like me, showing up at the hospital ready to push. 😉

    She is beautiful!! I can’t wait for our Stella Joans to meet in real life someday.

  3. She is beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! She’s beautiful!!! Congrats and great job momma 🙂 She’s stunning!

  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations!!

  6. Hurray!!!! I am SO jealous that you were just casually at 9 cm. I stalled at 9 for 14 hours!

    Welcome little Stella! 🙂

  7. Congratulation from the Saunders Family. The girls will be excited to know that Miss Chandra had her baby. They have been asking.

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