And then I threatened to walk out

June 7th was our 4 year wedding anniversary, we were married 6/7/08 which is probably the only reason I’m able to remember the date, because I’m horrible with dates, like as of the typing of this I’m sure I could tell you the months my two brothers were born, but I’d have to open my “birthday file” on my computer to find the year and day. I KNOW I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON.

And still I occasionally think our anniversary is 6/8 and so as it approaches I repeat in my head over and over ‘6-7-8‘. Ok, what the hell is my point?

Our anniversary ALWAYS falls during the time of an annual conference my husband has to attend. So we usually celebrate before and then we’re not trying to cram some romantic dinner into a conference that is jam-packed with all sorts of events. This year we did this, went out to a lovely dinner the night before and exchanged cards.

The day of our anniversary we were at the conference and the first event of the morning was a 5k charity run/walk. And 3 months ago, when we were registering for all the events at the conference, I had thought, ‘GREAT idea, I’ve been walking my whole pregnancy, we’ll do this walk at the conference!’


35 weeks preggo, back issues, waddling like a freakin’ penguin. My back was all like ‘you are SOOOO dumb lady’ as it started to seize up about the second mile. And then we WALKED back to our hotel, even though we could have called the shuttle to come get us.

After our fun little waddle we had to get ready for our next event. The DEAN of our Seminary (Boston University) was flying out to attend a luncheon for alumni of the school that were attending this conference. We had agreed to help host this lunch, and were very excited for it. I mean it’s an honor to host such a luncheon, it’s a whole other story when the DEAN decides to fly out and attend it as well. And the DEAN (I can’t write that without caps, sorry) is such a highly intelligent and deeply thoughtful woman who I am just in awe of. Ok, but here’s the point of this little story, we WALK to the restaurant and WALK back.

Then I have a scheduled hair appointment, which was supposed to be a nice little treat for myself. Except I forget, I have back muscles that hate me, and I have to sit in a stylist chair for an hour-and-a-half with minimal movement allowed. I get back to the hotel and change into sweats, I’m just going to chill and watch TV. Except I get a text from my husband, our dinner event starts in 45 minutes, can I meet him in 15 minutes so we can get there on time?


Back in a dress, WALKING to meet my husband from our hotel to the convention center. The dinner was something I was looking forward to, it was a dinner hosted by our good friend, Tom, who runs a mission in Guatemala doing amazing work (you should all check out ‘Mission Guatemala‘). The dinner was great, it was hosted at this beautiful church and it was great to see our friend again. But I had to sit in a folding chair for another hour-and-a-half.

It’s now 7pm, I’ve been up since 5am. My back and legs are killing me, I’m exhausted from the general lack of sleep I’ve been getting. I’ve walked like a total of 5 miles today. The shuttle is here to take us back to our hotel. All I want is to put on sweats and watch HGTV in our hotel room. My dear husband comes up to me and says “I’ve said we would help clean up.”

“WE?” Excuse me? Preggo is tired and sore, she is cleaning up nothing. I mean, I wanted to, but physically I knew I just couldn’t. Jacob tells me to just sit for a few minutes while he helps out. It looks like to me that they had plenty of people already to help clean up, so I’m unsure why Jacob was asked. The shuttle arrives. I tell him I am getting on the shuttle, I’ll see him back at the hotel, I’ll be the one with the big stomach, passed out on the bed, drooling on herself. Bringing sexy back, EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Jacob looks stressed, he says it will just be a few more minutes. I remind him how pregnant I am and what a long day I’ve already had. I give him the look that all wives are able to give that conveys ‘it’s a thin line and you’re jumping on it‘.

And then he goes and RUINS my righteous anger. He says that he is not really needed to help clean up, it’s just that he had asked Tom, the founder of this mission and also an ordained pastor, to renew our vows for us as it was our anniversary and we never get to really celebrate on our anniversary. And he was just stalling so Tom could finish up talking to people and answering their questions.

WELL WHO FEELS LIKE A GIANT ASS NOW? Especially because for our first year anniversary I had surprised Jacob and arranged to renew our vows and I have always said I would love to renew our vows again. HE LISTENED AND REMEMBERED!

And so in a beautiful sanctuary with the setting sun streaming through the stained glass windows, after a day that was long but spent with my favorite person in the whole world, we renewed our vows on our anniversary.

Four years. We’ve dealt with a lot in four years, a cross-country move, new jobs, foster parenting, infertility and loss. But I’ve spent it with the best person in the world, and so in my mind it has been amazing. Here is a pic of us just after we renewed out vows:

Exhausted but happy!


11 responses to “And then I threatened to walk out

  1. Aww that is sweet. Congratulations!

  2. awwww, *sniff* that’s about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Hugs to you guys!

  3. Thats great but you better take of yourself and baby

  4. So funny that when men attempt to woo us or do something sweet it is turns out overly complicated and inconvenient haha. Guess they need more practice 🙂 It was a really nice thin of him to do though, you’re a lucky wife/mommy-to-be!

  5. Too precious!!! Love how you can tell a story…

  6. That is just beautiful Chandra! Happy anniversary to you both. You have a great partner. And soon your adventure together gets even bigger!

  7. Wow, that is NOT how i thought this post would end. What an awesome hubby you have!!

  8. Ugh! What a jerk! This made me teary. So very lovely. And you look absolutely beautiful darlin’.

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