A Recent Conversation in Our House #9 – Preggo edition

So except for about 6 blissful weeks in my second trimester I have had some serious back pain issues.  Last week my back literally was like ‘we are done with this’  and would seize up if I sat upright for more than 20 minutes at a time.  FUN! Especially you know when you need to work, pack a house for a move, or you know, function.

I have tried physical therapy, chiropractor, and massage.  No dice.  The one thing that has helped a tiny bit is having my husband roll a tennis ball over my back.  He was doing this just the other night and gave me this little gem of a convo that I now get to share with you:

Jacob: What is that ?  (he rolled the ball over a really hard knot in my back)

Me: Um, that’s a knot in my back, I told you I was in a lot of pain.

Jacob: Oh, that’s disgusting.

Me: You do know your going to be IN the delivery room with me right?

And that my friends is why we have already had the conversation of ‘you will stay by my head and not go past my shoulders while I deliver‘.

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One response to “A Recent Conversation in Our House #9 – Preggo edition

  1. LOL!… It is funny and lovely to think about how much a baby can make you forget every painful or even ‘gross’ moment of pregnancy…. Love this kind of stories!

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