Wordless Wednesday

They say “lightning doesn’t strike twice”. Well, I ask you to consider this:


They say the odds of winning the lottery are about 1 in 35 million. They say the odds of winning twice are 1 in 24 trillion (that’s a 1 with 12 zero’s after it). Well Valerie Wilson begs to differ:


What have we learned from all this?

1) Clearly those funny old sayings our grandparents taught us are a bunch of crap.

2) “Statistics” is just a fancy word for the death of dreams. (You keep playing and dreaming! You’re gonna win someday, maybe even twice!)

3) If I was James Caviezel I would have taken the freakin’ hint and known that clearly God was NOT amused.

4) Whoever “they” are who spread these malicious lies and stomp on dreams were clearly not hugged enough as a child.

5) It’s “Wordless Wednesday” but I have all these useless words and bits, so how about “a post with no point Wednesday” instead?


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