Heads Up

Ok, so 418 years ago we had a garden.  It was awesome, huge, and we canned (preserved) everything we could.  We also bought a share in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which got us peaches and apples and more produce to can, because taking on a 2 month foster baby and a 3-year-old foster child this summer was not enough and we love NOT sleeping.

I was going to write this huge post or posts about it, how we committed to doing it organically, how we had corn along the back fence and fruit bushes and then a 20×18 foot plot for everything else.  How Jacob remodeled our pantry and made it into a true butler’s pantry that was now filled with jar upon jar of garden goodness.

And PICTURES people, I had pictures of our glorious bounty.

I was going to talk about how being infertile yet being able to create and produce so much fertility just out of the ground with our bare hands was cathartic for me.  It was like therapy for my soul to be able to work with nature this way and bring forth amazing and healthy food.

And all along I had this awesome tag line in my head, after a rough day of breaking up ground and weeding and Jacob remarking on a job well done.

“I’m just a girl with a hoe, doing the best I can.”

And I knew I had just the person to design the header for my multiple garden posts.  The very talented Stacy A. who designed my amazing bacon header last Lent.

All these plans, and then you know LIFE showed up and said, ‘look over here, see, shiny-sparkly, oooh‘ and I got all distracted and busy, etc.

But I still had this idea for an awesome header and I really wanted to see what Stacy could do with it.  So, the reason for this post.  Check out the header and here are a few pics of our grand garden.  Click on the first pic to get larger slide show images.


4 responses to “Heads Up

  1. Love the header. And the garden photos! Good job keeping the weeds down… the place is spotless!

  2. Awesome job – looks like you have quite a garden there!

  3. Awesome! We have enjoyed what was shared with us. 🙂 I love your comment about producing from the earthbeing therapeutic and cathartic. That is really amazing. 🙂

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