A Recent Conversation in our House #7 – GO TO SLEEP

I tend to be a bit of a chatty-kathy at night, right about the exact time Jacob is just falling asleep. It’s not intentional, I just think as I’m drifting off to sleep my brain fires things my way that it feels I need to address before I succumb to sleep.

Important note to fully understand this conversation: I DESPISE Glitter. I cannot adequately express my animosity towards it, it gets on everything, never comes off, it’s just awful. It is a known fact that you actually cannot clean up glitter, glitter always wins and you will find it in random odd places for YEARS to come. Hence at the end of the conversation, the capitalization signifies my horror at imaging the scenario.

Me: Babe, how is glitter made?

Jacob: What?

Me: You know, how is it made, it’s so tiny and sparkly, what is it made out of?

Jacob: (without missing a freaking beat): Ground up Unicorn Horns, go to sleep.

Me: WHAT?! Why would you say that? Now I have images of sad unicorns with bleeding gaping holes in their heads!

Jacob: laughing uncontrollably

Me: I don’t know if I can sleep now without knowing the answer. I mean think about it, somewhere, there must be a ‘Glitter Factory’. Imagine the mess! The workers there must be constantly covered in sparkles.

Jacob (again not missing a beat, he must be getting used to these types of conversations): I’m sure it’s all pressurized and sealed.


Oh the horror. And yes, being married to me is as ‘fun’ as you imagine it to be, just ask my husband 😉

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4 responses to “A Recent Conversation in our House #7 – GO TO SLEEP

  1. Funny, funny, funny, funny…
    And BTW I LOVE glitter, but my husband has absolutely banned it from the house. Since the day he went to school (engineering, so all guys) with some accidentally stuck to his forehead…

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