This will be one of two post back to back!  OMG, can you handle it?  At least I hope I get to write two posts!  Because trust me inter-web, I have SO much to write.  But chasing two foster kiddos keeps me a bit busy.  Luckily right now my husband is downstairs doing the dishes (just typing that makes me GIDDY with joy) and he is under the assumption that I am tending the youngest foster baby.

Which I was.  But she was all ‘okay, I’ll just fall asleep now.’  And who am I to argue with that?  Thus I am able to sneak away to blog and share with you all.

So why are we ‘cheers-ing’?  Because Boston University, where I got my master’s degree, is hosting a “Global Toast” tonight.

Come again?  That’s what I said.  I got some blurb about it on twitter and at first ignored it.  Mostly because all the designated spots for the Global Toast Parties were places like, Denver, Germany, D.C., you know places that resemble CIVILIZATION.  Lafayette, Indiana, apparently, not so much.

But then I went to the website and they did this catchy little rotating graphic with the stereotypical college types, “the brainiac”, “the party animal”, “the socialite” and then the “wet blanket”:

I am easily lured by clever ads and bright colors

And I realized I was all poo-pooing this idea when I could just have the toast right here, in the comfort of my BU sweats on my comfy couch. WIN!

So before I indulge in my toast I thought I would share for you all and any other fellow toasters how I ended up at BU.

I earned my bachelor’s in Economics at a small private college (now a university, Western New England University). I LOVED economics, now don’t be all ‘ewww econ is boring‘ because I will go all ‘supply vs. demand‘ on you and then when that doesn’t work I will tell you that I knew when the housing bubble would burst and successfully advised my Mom that I thought a stock she owned was reaching its peak and that she should sell.  (She sold it at $96.00 per share.  It now trades for $44).

NO.  I will not give you stock tips.  If you want to invest in single stocks here is my advise:  Take all the money for the particular stock you want to buy, put it in your pocket/purse/suspicious looking duffel bag, drive to the nearest casino and simply hand it over to the banker there.  Don’t even play, because you’ll just lose it anyways and this way it is done faster.  Now if you want to invest in mutual funds, bonds, index funds, then I’ll talk to you.  Buying into a single stock is like playing Russian roulette with your money in my opinion.  Lots of people do it successfully, I don’t have enough antacid to handle it, and I’ve seen it go horribly wrong.  And for all the times I’ve been right, they are all educated guesses when you come down to it, and I’ve been wrong just as much.

OMG look at that TANGENT.  Can you tell I haven’t written in a while?

BACK to BU.  So I have this degree in Economics, but don’t want to be in investments, or sell people stuff, or process things that are bought or sold, or buy anything sold or processed…etc.  (Points for knowing what that is from.)

And I had always had an interest in theology and religion, and had a pretty transformational experience in Campus Ministry/Interfaith ministry at my undergraduate school.  So I literally applied to a couple of Masters programs in theology and told God that I REALLY wanted to get my master’s in theology but that as I was already dead broke and in debt from undergrad college loans so I’d need some major help if this was going to happen.

NO JOKE, this is what happened.  I get a call one night in the summer of 2005.  It’s a number I don’t recognize but I answer anyways and hear:

Hello, this is Earl Beane, Director of Admissions at Boston University School of Theology.

Just that sentence alone had my stomach warning me I might be seeing its contents soon.  This was odd, I mean I applied, but the Dean himself wouldn’t be calling me personally to talk to me.  I mean hundreds of people applied to this program.  Why was he calling me?

And then he told me:

I’d like to congratulate you on being accepted into our MTS program and I’d also like to tell you that due to your prior academic excellence (no I am not making that part up, I rocked out in undergrad) we are happy to tell you that you have earned a Merit Scholarship.

I was all ‘wah, oh my god, wah?”  And then he said THIS:

This Merit scholarship is a full scholarship covering all tuition for your degree program.

And then I sat down.  And stopped breathing.  I wanted this so bad, but I thought I didn’t stand a shot.  Most people applying had an undergrad degree in something relating to religion, or had ministry experience.  And here I was a Catholic, (BU was founded as a Methodist seminary), with a degree in Econ and two courses in monotheistic religion to my name.  And I definitely couldn’t afford the tuition.  Dream. Come. True. OR, Sign. From. God.

Either way I wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up.

It changed my life.  I got to study a subject that I had long dreamt about, but never felt was possible.  I always thought studying theology would mean I would end up living in a van down by the river, because how do you make a living with a degree in theology when you’re a Catholic woman with no intention to convert?

While there I joined with others to form a community of friends who will be with me for life.  I studied and learned from some of the best teachers in the world.  And to boot, I met this tall, handsome, blue-eyed guy from of all places, Indiana.  My life changed so much for the good that words cannot capture how amazing my time was at BU.

I went on to earn my degree and get a job in a field that lets me use my learned knowledge on a daily basis.  I learned and embraced, as a member of the ‘School of Prophets’, the notion of serving others.  Of being a call to change and transformation.  It helped me realize my long-held interest to help the helpless, specifically children, could be served, and should be served, as a Foster Parent.

And that blue-eyed boy?  I married him, in BU’s exquisite Marsh Chapel, another dream come true.  But also how I ended up  in Indiana, far from a Global Toast location. Well worth it for a husband who not only has completed the dishes but is now sitting by my side, not complaining that I am taking time, after a long day apart, to write this.

And so tonight I will  not be a “wet blanket”, I will raise my glass in a toast. To toast a school that helped transform my life in so many ways.  I join in toast with my husband, class of ’09.  Here’s a pic of my ‘appropriate’ home-toast’ attire:

Why yes I am wearing argyle socks. I thought such an austere occasion warranted formal sock-wear.

Here’s to you fellow alumni, may your time at BU have been full of transformational memories.  May those memories bring you back to your times at BU, but may they also carry your forward, to transform the world.  Here’s to you current students, may you realize now the gift of opportunity you have studying at BU.  Take a class you never thought you would, walk through the CAS building on a rainy day, it will keep you dry for about 3 blocks, study abroad, no matter how much it costs, take in the Martin Luther King Memorial statue in Marsh Plaza and realize the incredible history and legacy that is at your fingertips.  And have fun.

And here’s to you, BU, thanks.  For everything.

And to boot, I offer to officially host the next toast if BU decides to let there be a toast location in Lafayette, Indiana.  Heck, we’re home to Purdue University, surely there’s an alumnus or two in this town.


5 responses to “CHEERS!

  1. You lost me on much of this post….but all I have to say is, Lloyd Dobbler, “Say Anything.”

  2. Very nice post and I didn’t even get lost.

  3. Loved it especially the sweat pants and socks 🙂

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