Does Netflix count?/or/ Can I stop reading and start smoking?

So this study has made the headlines today on the “news” websites:

Study: An hour of TV can shorten your life by 22 minutes.

The study cites research that indicates watching just one hour of TV can shorten your life on average by 22 minutes. 

The study says it is not the TV itself (good to know my TV does not have malicious intentions towards me) but rather the inactivity associated with TV watching.  Meaning when you watch TV you are not exercising or whatever. 

So Jacob and I don’t have any cable, we don’t get any TV stations, so when I saw this study I was like “Heck yeah, gonna live forever!”  And now you are all like, “Seriously, no TV?”


But.  We do have Netflix, which we love because we have to intentionally choose to watch something and it is wicked cheap compared to cable/satellite.  This means we watch a whole lot less TV than I would guess a lot of people. 

So as I’m reading the study I’m thinking we are doing pretty good, we don’t even watch TV every day.  Then it says that an hour of TV watching is equivalent to smoking 2 cigarettes.  We don’t smoke either, so doubly good.  As I finish the article I notice some very wise person commented saying that by the researchers’ standards reading a book would shorten your life too.  Because book reading is also an inactive activity. 

Well poop.

We read a TON of books.  And then I got to thinking, if I gave up reading books, and watching any type of TV, I could probably start smoking and have no negative effects.  Sweet!

Or maybe I’ll just stop reading articles about the effects of TV-watching because that is also an inactive activity.


One response to “Does Netflix count?/or/ Can I stop reading and start smoking?

  1. This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

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