To Do List

Well I’m back from our little trip to NY to see family.  I have SO much I want to write about and seemingly no time. 

I need to wrap up our Vegan experience and tell you how that all went.  I want to update everyone on the foster baby and what she is up to, (the short answer on that is she is up to EVERYTHING she can get her hands on).  And I want to write about the fact that I’m turning 30 in less than 24 hours and how it is hitting me pretty hard with the infertility stuff and all. 

That last one will be the hardest to write.  And if anyone says “well, you’re only 30, you still have plenty of time” you will incur my wrath.  Yes I know I am still young, gee thanks for pointing out that people have kids well into their 40s now, that’s so helpful of you.  Regardless of age, everyone has their ‘inner timeline’ and not meeting that is devastating, especially due to infertility.  And especially because each year that goes by without a kid means the likelihood of us having a big family dwindles  more and more.  Infertility can totally suck it. 

So I am posting this quickly to keep myself accountable, because now that it is out on the interweb you can all cyber-nag me until I post. 

Also I am seriously considering something I thought I would never do.  Getting a Twitter account.  Feel free to slap some sense into me, or to tell me that yes you would like to read my random posts on what the foster kiddo is up to or what latest shenanigans I have gotten myself involved in.  Like last night, when I went for a run, and got lost.  In my own neighborhood.  Par. For. The. Course.


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