Oh, it is so on

Like Donkey Kong.  Ok so I am in the middle of a moving to a new house, my husband is down from surgery and the foster kiddo is seriously on a mission to crawl every where she is not supposed to be.  But I am so mad I am taking the time to write this post.

Why?  Check out this link to PETA’s latest ad campaign:

PETA stupidity

When I first got word of it buzzing around on Facebook I was like ‘so what?’  Get your pet neutered and win a free vasectomy.  No big deal, cute idea.  But then I went to the PETA website and saw that they were doing this in HONOR of National Infertility Week.  SERIOUSLY?  No, wait,


How is this honoring the countless people who struggle with the disease of infertility. And yes, it is a disease recognized by the World Health Organization. 

Guess what PETA?  You can bite me! 

Is that mature?  No.

But I write this in the midst of my Lenten journey trying to be vegan.  A decision that was in part made over my growing concern over the inhumane treatment of animals raised for slaughter.  So yeah, I’m a little pissed at PETA for being so thoughtless just so they could have a gimmicky ad campaign and get lots of press.  Now there has been lots of outrage already against PETA and this new ad campaign of theirs.  You know what their response was? 

1) They stated they were sorry if anyone was offended by the campaign

2) And this is a direct quote from their Facebook page:

 “We meant no offense to those who are struggling to conceive. Please know that there are many people who wish to be sterilized—it’s those people that we’re aiming to reach”

Ok, so response #1 is not actually an apology.  It’s saying that we, the infertiles, got our panties in a twist, and got offended.  An actually apology would have said that they were just sorry for creating an offensive campaign that was insensitive to the plight of infertiles. 

Response #2  is equally ridiculous.  If that was their intention, then why did they choose to do it purposely during  National Infertility Awareness week and advertise that fact as part of their ad campaign?

I’d ask anyone who feels called to tell PETA what they think of this latest cheap attempt at attention-getting to directly email the president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk:


Even a quick email telling them their ad was insensitive will do.

PETA has lost my support for good.  I understand needing to create creative and attention-getting ad campaigns.  But at the expense of others?  Real classy PETA, real classy. 

Oh, and if you’re gonna choose a group of people to piss off, I wouldn’t have picked the hormonal and bitter group who don’t have children and therefore have plenty of time to respond to your offensive campaign.


7 responses to “Oh, it is so on

  1. chinkebrowneyes

    Omg I’m beyond disgusted!! You have got to be kidding me PETA!!! How can you feel more love for an aminal and completely disregard the feelings of those of us who have fertility problems?? What?? Beyond insensitive! Thanks for posting this. Ingrid will see my name in an email!

  2. chinkebrowneyes

    And I just emailed her!

  3. sent an E-Mail

  4. *sigh* Welcome to the legions of those who think that PETA can suck it. They will never stop being offensive simply for the shock value. They truly don’t deserve the press, the money or the right to call themselves compassionate. I’m just sorry that you got hurt in this way. 😦

  5. I am not surprised at ALL. PETA has always gone about things the entirely WRONG way. No wonder everyone hates them. I am all about animal rights and I don’t really eat meat but come on!

    Why on earth would PETA even suggest vasectomies? They only are an organization for ANIMALS. Dumbest Campaign EVER!

  6. FYI – PETA has no removed the reference to NIAW from this offer… We were heard!

  7. peta = Please Euthanize These Airheads

    People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

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