Soap and weighing in

So we have two winners for the ‘Next to Godliness’ soap!  I used a random number generator and it spat out the number “2” who is Linda W.!  So Linda I will contact you about your shipping address and what scent of soap you would like.  Also from the facebook portion of this Linds M-W. was the only commentor on the facebook site, so congratulations! 

Originally I was going to write all the numbers down on little pieces of paper and let foster baby girl pick one out at random.  But then last week I was getting the mail with her and I let her “help” by giving her a piece of junk mail to hold.  In 0.2 seconds flat she had that thing in her mouth and used her two little teeth to shred it. So I was just imaging how I would explain to DCS why my foster child was pooping pieces of paper with numbers written on them. 

‘It was a contest you see…’

Yeah, so we went with the high tech internet solution of  the random number generator. 

Today also marked our first full week of Lent.  Now I have to be honest, we did cheat once.  Last night, Tuesday, we had a church event and they ALWAYS serve salad or a vegetable it seems, so I thought I would be ok.  Nope.  It was grilled cheese and taco soup.  I was stuck and I was starving.  So I ate a grilled cheese and tried to avoid the meat in the soup.  Shame, shame, shame, I know.  I’ll bring a back up option from here on out. 

I actually haven’t found this whole vegan thing that hard.  I don’t even miss bacon that much.  Wait, no, I do.  I love bacon.  But in all honesty, as much as I wax poetic about it, we eat bacon maybe 5 times a year at most.  I just like to talk about bacon and think about bacon.  I think the hardest part for both of us is the dairy.  We are cheese whores, addicts. 

B.V., before vegan, we ate meat about 3-4 times a week.  Now we just have to plan more.  You have to really think ahead, I feel, or you end up eating pasta or PB&J all the time. 

And now for our first weigh in.  I weighed in at 136.5 this week, down half a pound.  Which could just as easily be water weight.  Jacob weighed in at 247, down two pounds!

So far so good, only 5 1/2 more weeks left!

PS~stay tuned for an infertility update.


4 responses to “Soap and weighing in

  1. Well, weren’t church functions with no vegan options on the original “cheating allowed” list, anyway? I think you’re doing great.

  2. Way to go Chandra and Jacob. My weight in this am was 171

  3. I actually know one or two vegetarians that still eat bacon from time to time… it is really good…

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