Mardi Gras

Well there was no ‘flashing-for-beads’ but we had ourselves one heck of a Mardi Gras to celebrate before we gave up all animal product for Lent (click here to catch up).  We decided to go to a Mongolian grill to gorge ourselves on meat before Ash Wednesday.  The following day we had an early morning appointment in Indy and went out to breakfast after to have some tasty bacon one last time at ‘Le Peep‘ restaurant.

Then Ash Wednesday morning we had our official weigh in.  And yes, I am going to post our weights.  BUT before I do let me say that this is not about losing weight.  It is just that everyone claims you lose weight when you go Vegan, so I want to be scientific about this and track all the effects it has on us.

So I am 5’7″ and weigh 137 lbs.  When I met Jacob I was 131 lbs, which is actually a little under weight for someone of my height.  I know this because EVERY time I went to the health clinic during my time in graduate school for anything I got interogated about if I had an eating disorder.  Which I did not have.  I tried to tell them I was a runner and training for a half-marathon, but then I got the lecture about runners needing more carbs than other people.  I asked if beer counted.  That particular day I went home with three free pamphlets!  One on eating disorders, one on healthy eating for athletes, and one on alcoholism.  College clinic nurses have no sense of humor apparently.

Anywho.  All this to say I have gained a few pounds since our courtship.  Would I like to lose a few?  Sure.  Do I really care? No.  I want to focus our lenten journey on being healthy physically and spiritually.  However there are only so many ways to quantify that, and weight is one of them.

Jacob is 6’4″ (I LOVE having a tall husband) and weighs 249 lbs.  I know Jacob wants to lose weight.  He played varsity basketball and was a string bean, (probably under weight as well), before college took its toll and he gained some weight.  Also ministers in general have some of the worst health stats of all the professions.  They rank up there with cops and military for weight issues, heart issues, and stress related health problems.  I’m not sure what Jacob weighed when we first met, I was more focused on the tall, blond, and blue-eyed aspects.  (He is SO going to kill me for embarassing him like this.)

So here are some pictures from our ‘Mardi Gras’:

I love meat!

Ok, worst picture ever, they had these spot lights right over your head, so flattering! (But check out my awesome chopstick action skills!)

Picture of Bacon my brother Miguel sent me Ash Wednesday morning. He's so kind. Oh and to the one lady who messaged me and asked me if he was single after I posted about him, no, he is not. Sorry.

"Seriously, we're really giving this up?"

A currrent picture of me, 137lbs of pure awesome!

Don’t forget to head on over and leave a comment on this post to win some free soap!  My good friend Linds pointed out to me last night that ‘Bacos’ are meat free, which means Vegan-Bacon soap is a possibility!

And for any of you concerned about your privacy, when you post a comment I don’t see any of your personal info, I just see the name you leave when you comment.  You can also privately contact me to enter.


4 responses to “Mardi Gras

  1. You look great, don’t gain or loose anymore! Good luck on your Lenten vegan experience!

  2. You look great! Definitely 137 lbs of pure awesome!

  3. well good luck on your quest to Vegan. as I posted before I gave up snacking between meals and during the evening while tving it. Wed. AM I weight in at 174 today 173. My ultimate goal is 165 but this is not a lenten thing.

  4. All the best to you! I’m totally intimidated at the thought of going vegan, so I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you guys!

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