So look up.  No, not at the ceiling, at the top of my page.  See my new header?  Doesn’t it make you want to drool?  Mmmmm bacon. 

This amazing header was designed by my friend Stacy A.  Stacy has worked in Graphic Design since 1987 when she started at Lake Superior Magazine.  She also makes her own soap, ‘Next to Godliness’ Soap and sells it through the interweb. I asked Stacy to design something commemorating the fact that I am going Vegan for Lent and also combined my love of Bacon.  Hence the drool inducing baconness you see before you.

Stacy has been kind enough to agree to do some graphic design for me for gratis and I wanted to give her a plug. 

You can find her amazing soaps on Artfire.com:


or ‘like’ her on facebook:


Also Stacy is taking Graphic Design clients and you can contact her at:


Stacy’s soaps are AMAZING and are 100% VEGAN.  See, I can even bathe vegan!  Also her soaps smell so incredible, her ‘Triple Citrus Scrub’ fills your shower with such a delicious scent, it leaves your entire bathroom smelling like a lemon shake-up.

To thank Stacy for her graphic design and to celebrate the fact that I am now averaging 100 readers a day I want to give away some soap!

So go to Stacy’s Artfire website, check out all her amazing soaps, and then leave a comment here about what scent you would like to try.  I will randomly pick a winner one week from today!  Also if you ‘like’ her on facebook and leave a comment on her soap page there I will pick another winner from there as well.  That’s two winners!  I will ship anywhere in the U.S. and even Canada postage paid!

Make sure you check back to see if you won!


14 responses to “Headers

  1. They all look so tasty! Morning Blend although Expressoap looks good too, but is only described under the Morning Blend description, but not actually listed.

  2. Definitely Lilac! That has always been my favorite scent! Of course your description of the Triple Citrus sounds yummy too! Remember I’m your cousin too… hehehe!

  3. Oh I see Lilac is not available yet so I will stick with the triple citrus and the Sweet almond sounds nice too!

    • yeah, i wish i could talk her into making a bacon-scented soap, that way could just bring my coffee into the shower and be surrounded by good smells. But she’s all “vegany” in real life so no dice

  4. BACON only during tomato season, on BLT’S

  5. As the guinea pig/lab rat for testing on most of the scents, I can attest that it is first class stuff.

    Triple citrus and smokey mountain rock!

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  8. sounds good been making a lot of soups myself

  9. Soaps look awesome! going to have to get a few bars =)

  10. I’m wondering if the Morning Blend would help me give up coffee – or make me crave it more-? Either way, it sounds intriguing! I’m also loving the idea of the Citrus Scrub!

  11. Alas, the Morning Blend (and the Espressoap) will not help with the coffee cravings. I gave up the glorious juice of the bean for Lent, and no amount of rubbing it on my skin is helping at all. Tragic.

    And as for availability, I DO have Lilac. I simply have not had the chance to photograph it for the catalog. I also have Seascape, Aegean Breeze, Wicked Raspberry, Sassy Grass, Sweet Almond Swirl and Rockets Red Glare. I’ll get those descriptions up and take the pictures later.

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