And now the mush

Happy Valentine’s Day!  While I already posted a V-day post, that I think you all should read, I also wanted to write a post and participate in a sort of ‘blog-o-sphere’ event.  A few weeks ago one of my FAV bloggers (YOLK) started posting that we (ie, all the angry pissed off infertiles/mommies) should post a pic of their wedding day on V-day so we could all “meet” each other and see who is the prettiest, what we look like. 

So here are some pics of me and my husband, the most amazing man I know, and I’m not just saying that because he got up FOUR times last night to attend to our crying foster child.  It’s also because he kills spiders for me, gets my wacky sense of humor, puts up with me randomly bursting into tears, and is going to get me a pony (ok he hasn’t quite agreed to the last one, but it’s only a matter of time). 


We met in Boston, I was in no way looking for a relationship.  Life is funny like that.  We lived in the same deplorable graduate housing that could only be adequately recreated in a movie, it was that bad.  The basement (dungeon) was the kitchen/laundry room, and it frequently flooded.  The rooms measured 12ftx16ft at their largest.  Bathrooms were shared which meant shower shoes were essential. 

He charmed his way into my heart by having great taste in movies (Grumpy Old Men!) and by making me dinner one night when he knew I had a lot going on and no time to do it.  He asked me to a slow dance in the middle of his dorm room.  Sigh.

And he has loved me through some of the worst times in my life.  Learning we were severely infertile devastated us.  Yet he always put me first, despite feeling his own sense of devastation.  He learned how to give me injections for IVF despite the fact that needles make him queasy.  He has learned more about the inner workings of my ‘special bits’ then he ever cared to know. 

And like my fellow blogger over at the Yolk, I seriously want to take out an ad, post signs in the neighborhood, and stop random strangers to tell them all “I get to spend every day with this guy, do you know how freaking awesome that is?!”

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here is the list of fellow bloggers participating, check them out:

Valentine’s Photo List:
1. Elphaba at Yolk
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10. Steel Lotus at Jagged Steel Lotus
11. Marie at Bakery Closed Until Further Notice
12. KKasun at The Road Less Traveled
13. Amy at Maternal Hope

Please note I make no claim or guarantee that you may not be offended by some of these blogs.  We infertiles are a smarmy bunch and we tend to offend quite easily with our brutal honesty. 

Post a comment if you want to add your blog!


2 responses to “And now the mush

  1. You are one blessed and lucky woman. Jacob is indeed one of those few good men who can give to you all that you need and appreciate all that you can offer to him (let’s not forget THAT part — that you are a pretty special, one-of-a-kind catch yourself). You two have found that which everyone seeks: it’s not a perfect person, or a martyr or a love that never has any rough spots. You have found a true PARTNER in one another. That is why you are blessed. And you deserve no less. I love you guys.

  2. What a cute story of your beginnings as a couple. 🙂 I love your photos. It looks like a beautiful day, and you were a gorgeous bride.

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