Life Lessons


Part of being a Foster parent is caring for your foster child and equipping them with the skills and coping techniques that will stay with them when they go back to their Bio-home.  Jacob and I have been conscious of this throughout our care of our baby girl.  As a newborn we did Kangaroo-care so she could bond with us and thereby enable her to re-bond with her parents.  We sing her songs to stimulate her brain and we give her tummy time to strengthen her muscles and enable her to meet her physical milestones.  Essentially, we love the heck out of her. 

But there are other lessons that I feel need to be imparted, essential life lessons that need to be learned for a healthy and well-rounded life.  I had the opportunity to impart such a lesson on our baby girl this morning. 

We have a subscription to Pandora, an online music service that streams genres of music that you like.  I had the baby on my lap and I pulled up the website on my laptop and the first song that came up was Aerosmith’s ‘Living on the Edge’.  Great song right?

Well it also pulls up a picture of the band and I start to tell the baby about the band.  I point to Steven Tyler and I say “That’s Steven Tyler, he’s the lead singer and he was really awesome in the ’70s but he also did a ton of drugs and that probably explains why he is now an American Idol judge, his brain is gone.”

Then I point to Joe Perry and say “This is Joe Perry, he’s the lead guitarist and is an amazing guitarist.” 

Then I point to the other three guys pictured and say “And these are the other band members and no one knows their names because they are not the lead singer or lead guitarist.”

Then I turn the baby to face me and say “So what did we learn today?  We learned that unless you’re a lead singer or lead guitarist no one cares who you are and you will never get to be a  judge on American Idol.” 

The baby just stares at me and I pause for a moment…

“Unless of course you are Phil Collins, he is a drummer yet got really famous too…but I consider that to be an anomaly, because come on, really, short, balding, drummer?  Has to be an anomaly.”

Baby girl responded by blowing me a ‘raspberry’.   

Which I took to mean she has absorbed all this important information and would carry it with her for life.

Mission accomplished.

Here are links to information about Kangaroo care if you are interested and also information on “Attachment Disorder” which is a huge concern in the Foster care system.  This explains why I was so selfish with the baby when we first got her, she needed to bond to us quickly and the best way to do that is to hold the baby as much as possible:


2 responses to “Life Lessons

  1. Thank you for being a foster parent!
    Funny post too by the way. Poor Steven Tyler. I really like him.

    I was a social worker for a few years and know how important foster parenting is. When I move back to the states I will become one for sure.
    : )

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