Early morning rapture


I just got back from a weekend trip to the DC area to visit one of my besties from college, Lindsay.  Lindsay and I met freshman year when after what I fondly term “roommate difficulties”.  My first roommate dropped 17 hits of acid one night and sprayed cheese whiz all over our bedroom walls.  She didn’t last past the first semester, shocker.   

The next roommate was a transfer and was great until one night I woke up and there was a naked man standing in my room.  Now, not that I don’t appreciate the male form, but when I wake up from a dead sleep and some strange guy is NAKED, standing in the middle of my room, that results in a panicked call to the campus police. I know, I’m such a prude!  That was the end of that roommate.  So after that I had the room to myself, a rare prize when you are a lowly freshman.   

So one day though this girl comes up to me.  I know of her, she lives on my floor and wears a lot of plaid(don’t be mad it was true!), and I was pretty sure she was an engineer major.  We had friends in common but our paths didn’t cross much.  Mostly from her insane class load and my being on the martial arts team where the coach scheduled practices that started at 7pm and ended when enough of us were bleeding or hurling from exhaustion.  Ahhh, memories.  

Anyways, this girl, Lindsay, explains to me that her roommate is also a royal nut job, smoking pot and messing with Linds’ stuff, and could she PLEASE move in with me?  Now don’t paint me the hero here, my first thought was ‘no way in hell am I giving up my single room’.  But then I remembered all the stuff I went through with roommates, so I agreed.  

That my friends was the start of a beautiful relationship.  Linds and I share the same dry sarcastic wit and it has bonded us for life.  When I up and announced that after spending 4 years getting an Economics degree but now was going to change paths and go to Seminary, Lindsay was one of my few friends who truly supported it.  Now don’t go all mushy on me here, one of the things that makes our friendship last is our ability to laugh at ourselves and tease the heck out of each other.  It’s like I tell my youth group kids, ‘I pick on you because I love you’.  

So I went out to DC to see Lindsay and her beautiful new baby girl, Amylee!  (Oh yeah, and her husband Dylan who while having many fine attributes I feel that his best quality is that he puts up with us.)   

And besides seeing Linds and her GORGEOUS baby one of the best things I did on this trip was SLEEP.  I slept 8 hours, at a time!  Not broken up by night feedings or anything!  Did I miss the heck out of baby Tess?  ABSOLUTELY.  But sleep, glorious sleep, how I missed you.  And then when I woke up this magical thing had occurred, Dylan had made coffee, and we SAT AND DRANK IT AT A LEISURELY PACE!  Not at a rushed, ‘the baby-is-going-to-wake-up, I-have-to-get-to-work’ pace.   

I call it early morning rapture:  


yes my hair does always look like it is trying to escape from my head in the morning

forming coherent sentences brought to you by: caffeine!

Pics of the beautiful Amylee to follow.


4 responses to “Early morning rapture

  1. Great friends are hard too find, glad you got away and enjoyed yourself.

  2. I feel I should clarify about the naked man. I did not explicity say where he came from. The second roomate, a UMASS (we called it ‘zoo-mass’) transfer, snuck him in after I was asleep. I am a very heavy sleeper so there is no knowing how many times this occured before that night. I am sure he will always remember the girl who called campus police and had the following conversation:
    “there is a naked man in my room!’
    “what?…no, I did not invite him in! Would I be calling you if I was ok with this?”
    I really wish I had requested a tape of that call. 🙂

  3. You are one sexy mama in the morning. Linds looks like a great mom 🙂 and I’m glad you got some sleep Chandra!

  4. Hey flannel is coming back! And I will wear it gloriously with my docs or berks and be happy 🙂

    So glad you let me move in all those years ago, and that we’re still friends today. Thank you for coming to visit! Guess I’ll have to make it out to Indiana sometime 😉

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