This will make a great blog entry…

See this picture:

At least my hair looks adorable! 😉

This is me, STUCK ON A PLANE.  Well I was, now I am stuck in an airport.  I am currently in the lovely Indianapolis airport.  Why you ask?  Oh because of the free WiFi and I love airport food.

Actually I was on my way to see one of my BESTIES, Linds, from college and her BRAND NEW BABY when they called an emergency ‘ground halt’ to all flights.  Well guess what?  We were already taxiing, so that meant a slamming of the breaks and a hard right turn.  A stewardess fell down, which somehow seems ironic, shouldn’t she be used to turbulence?

Any-who the ground halt was called due to storms in the DC area, so we were waiting for them to clear when storms hit HERE TOO.

Can anyone say ‘FAIL’?   Big, giant, huge, annoying, I-left-my-five-week-old-foster-daughter-for-this?, FAIL!

So right now I am sitting here watching the lightining and the clouds roll in.  On a plus note the Air Tran people have been wonderful.  They could of just left us on the tarmak for 3 hours, according to federal regulations, but after 45 minutes they took us back to the gate.  THANK YOU JESUS, because it is about 102 degrees and the plane was getting HOT.

Though I am kind of bummed to be off the plane, the lady sitting next to me was reading “101 Things About Men” in some magazine and upon reflecting I realized I only know 83 things about men.  I was hoping to learn the other 18 things.  SIGH…perhaps some day my knowledge will be complete.

Sorry for the overuse of capital letters, it’s been THAT KIND OF DAY.


3 responses to “This will make a great blog entry…

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that. We had a nightmarish experience like that to AND from a couple of years ago….engine issues on the way there, bad weather on the way back. It’s the worst. Hope you get to your destination, have a lovely visit with your friend and new baby, and then promptly get safely back to Tess. In other news, I, myself, am flying Air Tran out of Indy tomorrow…aah! Hope the weather is alright!

  2. didn’t know you were going to DC good luck

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