No rest for the weary

Well we just got back from our extended vacation to see family and take a 5 day cruise to Bermuda and I am EXHAUSTED.  

I know, I know, poor me took a vacation and now I’m all tired out.  I know, no sympathy.  But I am exhausted and I am going into a crazy week of co-hosting my church’s VBS program starting tomorrow.  So for now you’ll have to be satisfied with some pics and brief descriptions.  Jacob and I both forgot our cameras so our only pictures come from our camera phones and any pictures we can get from family on the trip with us.  Hope you enjoy, I did: 

Cavern made by the beating waves eroding the rock, looking out onto horseshoe beach area

A series of paths connect small private beaches, most deserted. It was incredible having a beach all to yourself.

i climbed a rock without injury, take my picture! No you cannot have my hat, I know you're jealous

nature rocks.

And finally, here’s a pic of my newest nephew Ben, who I got to meet in person finally.  He is 2 months old, loves the ‘football’ hold and hates tummy-time: 

I barely survived cuteness overload.

I will write later in the week about Ora, our Bermudian friend, who gave us a personal tour and the fun of traveling with 10 people, most who are family.


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