Seemingly normal in appearance

Recently Jacob’s church decided to take some professional photos for the new website (you can see them here, just scroll down halfway) .  The photographer was Lisa E., and she was amazing.  She was amazing because when my picture is taken normally it comes out looking like I just woke up from an all night bender (NOT THAT I KNOW WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE, MOM).  I imagine it feels like when I accidentally took cough medicine and Benadryl at the same time, not knowing the cough medicine already had Benadryl in it.  It was a concentrated effort for me to remember to blink.   

Which leads me back to having my photo taken, (see my tangents do relate back!).  I have a non-reactive eye, it doesn’t react to flashes of light.  So when the camera flash goes off, one eye is really open wide and the other is half-shut, it looks, again, like I’ve been on a bender.  In fact you can see an example of it here at my husbands blog, scroll down to our pic together:  

One eye open, one eye squinty.  Which is real nice when you’re a pastor’s wife posing with your husband in his pastor robes and your face looks like you’ve been drinking for the past two hours.   

Somehow though Lisa E. was so amazing that my eye looks 90% normal, which makes me look 90% normal.  And hey in grade school 90% was an A-.  That’s good enough for me.  Here are our pics from the amazing Lisa:  

Seemingly normal on the outside...

but you know the truth 😉

Now I am sure you are all thinking that you would love to contact Lisa and hire her.  But I am not sure she does this anymore for hire, she did this as a favor to the church.  However, she does read this blog so if she is interested in being hired she can leave a comment on the blog with her contact information.   

Well this will be my last post for about 12 days, we are off on vacation to Bermuda and to meet in person my newest little nephew Ben, you can see a pic of his adorableness here to hold you over until I return with more pics.


3 responses to “Seemingly normal in appearance

  1. Mary Beth Foster

    Can she make people look normal in real-time? I mean, it’s cool that she can do that with a still photo, but I really need someone to walk around with me and say, “stop slouching,” “don’t squanch up your face like that,” “don’t pick at your fingers in public,” “suck in your tummy,” etc.. In other words, is she a deportment coach? Or do you know of a good one?

  2. Thanks my dear 🙂 Mary Beth-that’s a talent I unfortunately don’t possess, which is why I stay behind the side of the camera you can’t see 🙂

  3. You two are adorable!!! Bermuda..have fun!!!

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