In honor of my anniversary today I would like to recount a conversation that took place while Jacob and I were dating.  It was September, we had been dating for over six months.  We were in Seminary and it had gotten to be a habit that on nights the Redsox were playing we would study together with the game on. 

The Sox were having a great year, they were definitely going to make it to the playoffs.  Jacob lived in a house full of fellow young men also in Seminary and I arrived with my books ready to study for a few hours and watch the Sox.  As I walk in the door Jacob is already turning the game on and we sit down to study whatever dead theologian we were assigned to learn about that week in classes. 

Suddenly a bad call is made in the game, Jacob and I both yell at the TV.  I turn to him,

Me:  I’m so glad you like baseball.

Jacob: pause…Actually I don’t, I hate baseball.

Me:  mouth dropped…but we’ve been watching games together for over six months!

Jacob:  I know, I still hate baseball, but I love you, and you love baseball. 

Me:  Ok, does this mean I can stop pretending I really want to learn about basketball?

Jacob: Deal.

This in my mind is love.  That you want the best for someone other than yourself. 

I got to ‘prove’ that love a few months after that night.  I managed to land opening day tickets to the Redsox.  This is an almost impossible feat, Redsox tickets are like gold in Boston.

It was insane, Aerosmith performed, there were bands, ceremony, all sorts of exciting things.  Then it comes time for the ceremonial first pitch.  This is a big honor and they had yet to announce who was going to throw out the first pitch, usually it’s a movie star or someone equally famous.  The crowd goes silent as the announcer begins the introduction and suddenly he is talking about forgiveness and letting the past go.  Ladies and Gentlemen, to throw out the first pitch lets welcome:  BILL BUCKNER!!!

I’m silent, mouth open, not clapping.  The two people we were with also looked flabbergasted.  Jacob is clapping and smiling.  I reach over, put my hands on his clapping hands.

Me:  Honey, do you have any idea who Bill Buckner is?

Jacob:  No, why?

I start to explain, but then I stop, give him a kiss on the cheek and start clapping too.   

Happy anniversary to my husband.


One response to “Anniversary

  1. Aw. This is such an endearing story. You guys have such a great love story 🙂 and I’m glad to see you both are so happy!!!

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