Handy one

So I recently accomplished a task that I am extremely proud of and you should be too.  But to truly appreciate my accomplishment you need to know a little back story about me.  So this is Part 1.  Part 2 is where I will reveal the truly amazing thing, oooohh I know cliff hanger…

Jacob and I met in Boston, neither of our home towns.  After dating for a few months we planned a trip in which I would go to Indiana to meet his extended family. 

I was admittedly a little nervous, but not terribly, I’d already met his parents and sister when they came to Boston, but still you want to impress and not have them think I’m some crazy East-Coaster without a clue.

Well the trip was going really well, we were having a great time, his family was wonderful.  One day I picked out a cute blue sundress to put on that had straps that buttoned onto the dress in the back.  We were having a big family dinner and I was excited to meet more family. 

Well I was in the living room and suddenly I feel one of my dress straps slide off my shoulder.  I thought it had just slipped off as I have non-existant shoulders.  I  mean it, I still wish they made clothes with should pads, then maybe I could keep a purse on my shoulder longer than 30 seconds. 


The strap had not slipped off, the button had broken off.  You are all probably thinking ‘oh no big deal’, while I was thinking PANIC.  I get Jacob’s attention and tell him what happened and that I am going to have to go change.  He laughs.  That gets his Mother’s and Aunt’s attention.  I shoot Jacob the look, he seems not to notice. They all come in, Jacob tells them the button broke off my dress.  They all do not seem to think this is a big deal.  His Mom says ‘oh you can fix that fast enough before dinner’

No I can’t.

Why, she ask, did I forget to pack my sewing kit in my suitcase, she could get hers out.

No, I did not to forget to pack my sewing kit.  I do not need a sewing kit.

I need the number to a local seamstress. 

Laughter ensues.   I am not laughing.

And this finally gets me to my point.  EVERYONE from Indiana/the Midwest is AMAZINGLY talented in crafty type things.  You all sew, you quilt, you scrapbook, you farm with live animals even!

In NY, where I’m originally from, when we take pictures we put them in photo albums.  Out here you SCRAPBOOK (imagine jazz hands when I say this because that’s how impressed I am).  I mean these scrapbooks are like little works of art.  I tried to scrapbook.  It looked like a squirrel had gotten a hold of scissors and gone nuts with pictures and construction paper.

Needless to say, I did not sew my button back on.  Jacob’s lovely Aunt Susie did so for me.  I don’t think it’s so bad that I don’t sew, I see it as I am supporting the local economy and someone’s livelihood when I need to take my stuff to a seamstress.  I am stimulating the economy by my lack of domestic skills!  I’m a mini economic stimulus package, take that!

Now don’t get me wrong I am handy in all sorts of ways.  My Dad is a huge outdoorsman and taught me and my siblings all sorts of useful things to do in the woods.  We even go on regular backpacking trips in which we carry everything we need on our backs!  AND GET THIS, there is no cell phone, facebook, GPS at all where we go camping.  We have to survive by our wits alone.  Yeah, and that’s not even the really impressive thing I did yet.  Stay tuned for part 2


3 responses to “Handy one

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  2. I’ve read all your blogs today, didn’t know ya had one, there all very good, is an understatement. I think you should write a book some day in your spare time.

    • @Dad: I would totally write a book, but there would be no way to keep all the ‘interesting’ Mom stories out of it, even if it was fiction, and then she’d never talk to me again…I’m still waiting for her to find the “gargoyle comment” in the ‘Handy too’ post. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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